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To be honest, I’ve actually been a little difficulty picturing how this would work as a long-form series. Yeah, these first few episodes have been great, but they’ve had such a gritty, indy film festival feel that hasn’t felt that… copacetic to the expectations of a 20-to-26-episode serial. It’s never been inconceivable, certainly - - just a little harder to picture.

Well, now MICHIKO & HATCHIN has settled into a groove that makes its ongoing storytelling prospects much easier to picture. I can totally see this duo hopping into one absurd underworld predicament after another; saving their skins through a combination of wits and LOONY TOONS-style acrobats. (Seriously, who else was thinking about this when they saw Michiko in the get-up she's got on above).

The way this particular episode centers on one specific, colorful and well-researched subject - - namely bullfighting - - reminds me of the better episodes of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, actually. Just as that show was more-or-less a series of entertaining, one-off history lessons strung together by the rather open-ended hunt for the “Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers,” I’m sure this’ll be a travelogue ambling along to the door step of Hatchin’s real Dad.

There’s just a real wealth of personality here. From Michiko’s brutal-yet-endearing mother to the buffoonish-yet-capable Russian booker, there are no characters who feel like they’ve been cut out of some sheet of stock stereotypes. And I was pleasantly surprised to the see the visual language of all the mean urban combat we’ve seen so far being instead used for an almost Chaplin-esque set-piece of escalating slapstick here. (Michiko really comes across as a feral and belligerent “Tramp," I'll tell you).

Every part of the show feels unique and well thought-out. I’m really running out of new ways to phrase how different it feels from any other anime I’ve seen.

Watch this episode, "The Saudade of Fools, Parte 2" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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