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You know, I’d figure that “novelistic” is a word I’d be using more often to describe these 22-26 episode mega-series, but it actually hasn’t felt that appropriate on too many occasions.

I’ve been saying that MICHIKO & HATCHIN seems like HBO extending some colorful-yet-gritty international crime flick into a series, but these last few episodes really have had more of literary bent. Just things like the mercurial, elusive nature of Hana’s Dad, the various doubles for the guy or the notion that, of all things, the wiseguy-cum-botantist would randomly be reinvented as the romantic star of some cheesy soap opera. Those all feel like developments that’d be intriguing in the book, but then also the first things that’d be cut out of the motion picture version.

Actually, at this point, my concern is that that show’s raising all these expectations and ideas that it’ll ultimately have no interest in really resolving, or even addressing later. Sure, it’s never been super-conceptual like, say, CASSHERN: SINS, but I’ve been getting the impression that all this varied madness is steadily building to something; and I don’t know what it could be, short of a chaotic bloodbath or an entire episode about feelings.

Well, whatever. We’ll find out soon enough.

Getting back to the note about Hana’s Dad’s double, I found it utterly hilarious that he’s blithely OK with some masked maniac breaking into his room because he’s just a capricious actor, or he’s high (or probably both, at once). There’s just something perfectly flighty about the progression of his reaction to Hana…

  1. First, he’s alarmed, as anybody would be.
  2. Then, being alarmed takes too much effort, so he starts just talking to her.
  3. Then, on a whim, he decides to read her letter, even though he literally just said he wouldn’t.
  4. And then, finally, he starts dancing with Hana in all the shattered glass spread out on his floor.

In another scenario, that would all seem too convenient. Maybe it is still convenient here, but it all feels very fitting, too. Like I’ve been saying, no other anime quite has characters quite like this. Not a one.

Watch this episode, “The Fool's Ballistic Samba" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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