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An episode-long freeway chase? That’s ballsy.

Again, I can’t help but contrast this with other anime I’m watching. I’ve just re-visited YU YU HAKUSHO again for the finale of the “Chapter Black” (write-up forthcoming) and - - as shouldn’t be surprising for a shone - - it stretched Yusuke’s final duel with Sensui over a good eight episodes. I think that’s excessive by a degree or two, but I do appreciate the sort of clarity you get when you focus an episode squarely on one action set-piece.

We’ve had over four hours to get know these characters well. Whatever we see them doing at this point is going to be inherently infused with character drama, so we might as well be seeing them just doing exciting stuff for 22 minutes, right?

In a series full of colorful characters, the “senior assassin” we’re introduced to in this episode is already one of the most fascinating to watch. You could just picture him reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette in front of his B&W TV at the counter of some corner market that doesn’t get much of any business for most of the day.

Of course, this one also just happens to be packing a silenced pistol beneath the counter.

It’s that arbitrary detail all his high-speed gun play with Michiko that much more entertaining to watch. You feel like he’s just going to go back to the shop as soon as this business is over, and wait there until his pager buzzes with another assassination assignment.

I continue to be a little befuddled about the intrigue with the Yakuza in this show (I probably wasn’t paying attention at a crucial moment) so I’m not entirely sure how we got this juncture, nor can I predict where it’s going. All I understood was that some bad guys sent some kooky characters to ice our pals and, for 22 minutes of vehicular fury, that was all I needed.

Watch this episode, “The Daredevil Explosive" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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you remember the cynical top bad guy a few episodes back? sastoshi batista?? hatchins dad's best friend? hes the one who sent the assasins out. to get rid of all the problems he had one was michiko.

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Oooh man! I remember when I watched this episode. These were the tame times compared to what's next. The show's progressed in interesting ways, ways you now I could calculate. It's what happens when I expect a show to reach climaxes like other shows do.

The Wire, anyone?

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