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Unfortunately, I might have to step back from this show. Most of the time, I’ll just watch what I like here, but I do still try to program to what you lunatics are looking to talk about. If you hadn’t guessed, I absolutely believe that this is one of the absolute stand-outs of this season (or, at the least, its own delayed season), but it’s looking like it’ll be another show that falls between the cracks until it gets dubbed or re-introduced through some other venue. Ah... c’est la vie…

As enthralling as it may be, MICHIKO & HATCHIN still doesn’t fit readily fit into any pre-existing category, so all of us supporters are going to have blue faces long before anybody listens to our enthusiastic recommendations.

All the same, if you aren’t watching this show, you just missed out on the introduction of a thoroughly-compelling villain. Very rarely have I seen voice acting and animators’ gestures work so well in concert to create what legitimately feels like a performance. And that performance is all the more chilling for how the drawing on screen really does seem like a real person - - a cruel brute with zero-to-none impulse barriers - - and for all the unease that comes with that sort of up-close invasion of personal space.

(“Got any hair down there yet?” has to be one of the creepiest catch phrases ever, by the way).

Admittedly, I wasn’t able to keep up with all the intricacies of criminal politics that were revealed here, but the back-story of Hana’s father proves more intriguing with each puzzle piece that gets put down on the board. Now that we’ve seen that her pops looked exactly like her as a boy, there’s no denying their familial connection - - and the raises a few more question marks about the apparent misdirection regarding Michiko’s motherhood earlier on.

This episode also gets marks for Most Inventive Use of a Cornfield in Anime. Michiko really must be playing her G-Girl pursuer like a fiddle, she somehow got her to bring a crossbow into place where'd it be utterly ineffective.

Watch this episode, “The Carnival of Hyenas" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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