Mezzo Forte

Mezzo Forte is an anime series in the Mezzo Forte franchise
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A OVA directed by Yasuomi Umetsu about a young woman, Mikura Suzuki, and her mercenary business, the Danger Service Agency. Mezzo Forte is the spiritual sequel to Umetsu's previous anime Kite.

Teenage killer Mikura is hired to kidnap a wealthy baseball-team owner, but she finds herself facing two major-league problems. One is that rich man Momokichi Momoi made his money with the Mob and his underworld connections are still active; the other is that his daughter Momomi is no terrified little rich girl but a feisty, arrogant bitch and a crack shot into the bargain. Such was the plot for Mezzo Forte, a short erotic video series that was spun off into Mezzo, a longer, less risqué TV sequel featuring Mikura and her surrogate family, the nerdy Harada and embittered ex-cop Pops Kurokawa, carrying out various commissions that show their softer, funnier side as well as action-packed mayhem. Yasuomi Umezu, who created the similar Kite, was also responsible for the most heartrending segment of Robot Carnival and the sexiest introduction ever for a Project A-ko movie. He knows about pace, he knows about style, and he gives good cute, though his bewildered little girls and gutsy, hard-headed, big-hearted teens get repetitive after a while.

Alternate Versions

Like Kite, Mezzo Forte underwent different edited formats of release in America and Japan. Released in America via Media Blasters in 2001, the OVA was released in edited and uncut formats for VHS and DVD via the distributor's Anime Works and Kitty Media brands respectively. The edited version removes the two graphic sex scenes involving Mikura. Japan would later release an International Version of Mezzo Forte in 2004 that removed the sex scenes and was Umetsu's intended version of Mezzo Forte he had wanted to release.

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1 - 2
Episode #2
1 - 1
Episode #1

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yasuomi Umetsu
Toru Shura

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General Information Edit
Name Mezzo Forte
Name: メゾフォルテ
Romaji: Mezzo Forte
Publisher Green Bunny
Start Year 2000
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Aliases Mezzo: DSA
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency
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