Metal Fighter Miku

Metal Fighter Miku is an anime series in the Metal Fighter Miku franchise
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 In 2061 the latest fad is Women's Neo Pro Wrestling-"neo" because the combatants' natural fighting abilities are augmented with high-tech metal suits. Miku, Ginko, Sayaka, and Nana team up as the Pretty Four, but when they enter a championship tournament, they seek out the help of coach Eiichi Suo, a discredited drunk. After intrigues backstage, Coach Suo rules that the Pretty Four should fight each other in a one-off match. Only a weakling would try to destroy the team by dishonorable means; therefore (obviously!) the guilty party can be hunted down through trial by combat. After this very tongue-in-cheek tale of female fascism, the team gets ready for the next match, but Miku sprains her shoulder. Miku has to overcome her injuries in order to save her team from the invincible Beauties of Nature. Realizing that the Pretty Four are undefeatable in the ring, the father-and-son baddies Shibano and Naoya resolve to destroy the team spirit by making them fight among themselves. Naoya pretends to fall in love with the hapless Miku while simultaneously encouraging Ginko to dump her teammates and head off for new pastures in America. 

Wrestling has always been popular in Japan, from the quasi-religious sumo to the adoption of American-style staged matches. MFM belongs firmly in the latter camp; although sharp-eyed fans might be able to see more bubbling beneath the surface than straightforward babes in battlesuits. A whole generation of Japanese creators grew up watching wrestling tournaments, and there are many homages within anime (see Crusher Joe). One of Japan's most popular wrestling teams was an all-girl combo called the Beauty Pair, hence MFM's Pretty Four, who are, logically speaking, twice as good, and the much more famous Dirty Pair, whom we all know to be twice as bad.    
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Yo Yoshinari

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Name Metal Fighter Miku
Name: メタルファイター・MIKU
Publisher J.C. Staff
Start Year 1994
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