Metal Angel Marie

Metal Angel Marie is an anime movie
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Orphaned techno-geek Hiroshi sublimates his love for unattainable schoolgirl Marie, creating a "surrogate sister" robot who is her exact duplicate. Hiroshi has to keep his "sister's" robot nature secret while chasing the real Marie and trying to fight off all the neighborhood bad girls-who naturally find him incredibly attractive. Robot Marie isn't just a talking blow-up doll with pink hair; her affinity with machines gives her a certain power over electrical objects. She can put cars into spins, track pagers, and open doors-a kind of low-rent superpower that is very handy for keeping your "brother" away from femmes fatales. Despite her robotic limitations, she can do something that Hiroshi never can, and that's have a conversation with the real Marie without blowing a fuse. The two girls become firm friends, much to Hiroshi's chagrin, and his "sister" gets to hear all sorts of inside gossip that he would kill for. In the privacy of the girls' locker room (private, that is, except for the anime cameramen filming fan-service underwear footage), it's the robot who finds out that her twin is still available-rumors that she's dating the high school hunk are unfounded. Hiroshi discovers that a sure-fire way of standing a better chance with girls is actually talking to them, and with his sister's help, he starts to take his first unsteady steps into the adult world. But, like the similar Video Girl Ai, Marie isn't all that keen on helping him attain the love of his life. She'd rather be the love of his life, and another anime love triangle is born.

Based on a manga by Sakura Takeuchi in Young Jump, MAM mixes sports, romantic intrigue, and a slight superheroic twist, coupled with the mid-1990s craze for rearing your own creation, which peaked with Tama-gotchi Video Adventures and Pokémon. But while popular as a manga, its video incarnation died an early death, swamped by the runaway success of the Tenchi Muyo! marketing machine. Renamed My Dear Marie for the subtitled version from AD Vision, presumably simply to annoy people compiling encyclopedias. Like Maria in Ghost Sweeper Mikami, the robot's name is a distant homage to the robot girl in Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1926).

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General Information Edit
Name: Metal Angel Marie
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1995
Romaji: Boku no Marie
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases My Dear Marie
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