Merveille Characters

Merveille is a anime/manga location
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Billy is a friendly and an electrical powered bird that was created b Dr. Indigo.


Boss is a gigantic beetle. Created but escaped from Dr. Indigo. Now, protects Little East Blue with Yoko.


Ever is Xiao's older sister, and a citizen who was forced to work as a waitress for Shiki on Merveille.


Indigo is the scientific genius who created the creatures for Shiki.


Kitajima is a fish-man ally of the Golden Lion Pirates leader Shiki.


Scarlet is a giant red ape who's a commander in the Golden Lion Pirates of Shiki.


Golden Lion Shiki is the captain of the Flying Pirates, and the first to escape Impel Down. He ate the Float-Float Fruit that lets him make any object fly.


Xiao is the younger sister of Ever and they live on Merveille.

Xiao's Grandmother

Xiao's Grandmother is the grandmother of Xiao and Ever.

Xiao's Mother

Xiao's Mother is the mother of Xiao and Ever.

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