Mermaid Princess and Shell Bra

Mermaid Princess and Shell Bra is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 07/31/2011

Mermaid Princess and Shell Bra

Even when Nako has a day off she is kept busy at home taking care of her little brothers and sisters. She loves her siblings very much and is much more energetic and outgoing at home. On this month's payday she receives a raise. Nako takes this as a sign that she needs to change and curb her shyness around others. She sees herself as a mermaid who can't go on to land, and is most comfortable at home in the ocean.

Plot Summary

Nako and the Oshimizu family
Nako and the Oshimizu family

Nako has a day off, but she is still busy taking care of her younger brothers and sisters at home. Just as she is cooking dinner she overhears her father and mother talking in the next room. The father is saying that children should be praised so they will work harder. The mother says children shouldn't be praised so much. Regardless of this disagreement, they still love how reliable their oldest daughter Nako has become.

Mermaid Nako
Mermaid Nako

That night Nako reads a story to her little sister about a mermaid princess who likes a prince and wants to venture onto the land. Nako thinks to herself that if she was a mermaid she wouldn't want to go on the land because land is scary and her home is like the ocean. By this she is referring to her shyness and how she has a hard time speaking with others.

Nako is asked by one of her customers where to find dynamic flowers to take pictures off. Nako doesn't know what to say. But we find out soon after that she actually knew exactly what types of flowers were in bloom at this time of year, where to find them, and what hiking route to take. She wonders why she couldn't just say all this to the customers earlier. She instead writes everything down, and draws a map to give to the customers.

It is payday, and Ohana receives 15 000 Yen less than normal, a deduction for a vase that she accidentally broke. On the flip side, Nako gets around 20 000 Yen more than normal. Apparently Sui has high expectations of Nako. This reminds Nako of what her father said earlier about praising children so they work harder.

When Nako and Ohana are cleaning the windows together. Nako thinks that Sui wants her to change. Ohana says she should work harder then to get more money. Nako says Ohana is probably the type to get carried away when praised. Nako reveals that the reason she started working here was so she could change. She says that the person she is at home is who she really is, but outside of her home she's different.

At school during lunch, Yuina, Ohana, Nako and Minko are talking about how they're going to spend their money. Yuina decides to take them all shopping after school. At a clothing store, Nako notices different buying patterns. Yuina buys clothes that show too much skin. Minko buys lots of T-shirts. But Ohana has pretty good style since she's from Tokyo. After Nako tries on a dress, the girls start to realize how sexy Nako can be. Yuina snatches up some accessories and has Nako put them on as well. When they see her in the full outfit, Yuina comments how girls really do change if you give them new clothes. Hearing this, Nako rushes to the cashier and says "I'll buy all this please!"

After shopping they go to karaoke. After that they go to a café. Ohana is somewhat annoyed at how little spending money she has. After leaving, they run into a bunch of guys that start hitting on them, especially Nako. When she's home again, Nako regrets buying the new clothes and determines that she should just act like her normal self.

When she arrives at work the next day, she sees Mr. Ren sporting an expensive jacket, glasses and hat, but he just looks funny. Ohana is noticeably more cheerful than normal. However, she takes the initiative to carry a customers bags to his room, but didn't realize that he had a camera in the bag and was filming the blooming flowers. She apologizes and is let off the hook by the customer and Sui.

Mermaid Sui
Mermaid Sui

Nako takes this opportunity to ask Sui why she got a raise. It turns out that the customers asking about the flowers a few days ago had taken Nako's advice and were very grateful to her. Sui says that some customer really like Nako and this was reason enough to give Nako a raise. Sui says that even though at the Kissuiso Nako is shy and nervous, she notices things that others do not, and gives a welcoming service. Nako is happy about this.

Little Mermaid references

The title, the mermaid story told in this episode, and the mermaid sequences are references to the popular fairy tale by Danish poet Hans Christian Anderson called The Little Mermaid.

Characters & Voice Actors

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