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Merlin is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is the Pig's sin of Gluttony.


Merlin 10 years ago
Merlin 10 years ago

Originally Merlin was a member of the Seven Deadly Sins group of the elite warriors of Britannia. She was at some point the teacher of Vivian, who grew up to become the strongest magician in Liones. Ten years prior to the events in the main story, Gowther, by going into Meliodas' memories discovered that it was Merlin who knocked Meliodas unconscious when they were falsely accused of murdering the Great Holy Knight. The reasons for this are of yet unknown.


Merlin is a character created by Suzuki Nakaba as one of the main protagonists for the series the Seven Deadly Sins. Merlin is almost certainly based off of the legendary Sorcerer Merlin, the Magician to the legendary King Arthur and the Round Table of Knights.


Little in the way of evolution has yet to occur for Merlin.


Merlin appears as a female with dark hair a lean figure and pale skin. In the past she wore armor but now she appears to wear more of a revealing mage-type of outfit. To hide her identity, Merlin wore a full body hooded robe.


Merlin Full Profile
Merlin Full Profile

Merlin appears to be a rather cunning individual. Nobody knew her true identity except Arthur. Nobody knows why she attacked Meliodas 10 years ago. Also because of her illusions, she can easily trick someone into thinking something not true such as fooling Hendricksen into believing that she brought an entire Holy Knight Army with her.


Arthur Pendragon - Merlin's current partner. She has faith that one day Arthur will become a great King.

Meliodas - Old comrades. For reasons yet unknown, Merlin knocked out Meliodas 10 years ago and never showed herself to him again until just recently.

Vivian - Her old apprentice. Their current relationship is presumably not a good one as Merlin tormented Vivian before revealing her true identity.

Story Arcs

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

Merlin together with Arthur Pendragon arrived at Liones with a massive army. A concerned Hendricksen went out to greet them and ask what their business was. Once Hendricksen had come personally, Arthur told Merlin to remove the spell. Merlin snapped her fingers and all at once, the army vanished. Hendricksen invited the duo in but was not so quick to fulfill their request to meet the King of Liones. He claimed that the King was sick. Attempting to take them off guard, Hendricksen and two Holy Knights suddenly attacked the duo. Arthur was able to defend against Hendricksen though and Merlin effortlessly dispatched the other two Holy Knights. Even though Merlin was available, Arthur told Merlin not to interfere in his battle against Hendricksen. The two had a heated battle, but Arthur did not manage to defeat the Great Holy Knight and was cornered. But abruptly, Meliodas arrived who was there to rescue the kidnapped Elizabeth and engaged Hendricksen instead. Merlin complimented the disappointed Arthur for being able to fight on equal grounds with a Great Holy Knight despite losing. She instructed Arthur to watch Meliodas in combat as he might learn something.

After Hendricksen was defeated, Vivian, the Magician of Liones, ambushed the Deadly Sins and allied Holy Knights and magically teleported all of them away. According to King and Dreyfus, they would never be able to find their way back to Liones from where they were transported, but suddenly the group was teleported back. A stunned Vivian turned around to see everyone had returned. Upon questioning who did such a thing, Vivian herself was suddenly teleported away. She teleported back but was sent away again, and again and again, each time to a different harsh environment. Finally Vivian pleaded with whoever was doing it to stop. She was heeded and the torment stopped when she was transported back to Liones, exhausted from the ordeal. Turning around, Vivian saw the hooded person not knowing it was Merlin. Vivian launched violent winds towards Merlin but the latter remained unharmed. Instead only the cloak was removed and at that moment, Vivian and the rest recognized the woman as the Boar's sin of Gluttony Merlin of the Seven Deadly Sins, Vivian's own master and the strongest Magician in all of Britannia.

Powers & Abilities

Merlin and her Army of illusions
Merlin and her Army of illusions

Merlin is a witch of immense power. She is labelled as the strongest magician in all of Brittania. She has shown tremendous prowess in illusion casting, including creating an entire illusory army that fooled Great Holy Knight Hendricksen, and teleportation magic and she easily outperformed fellow Magician Vivian who wound up begging for mercy. Additionally, Merlin has shown the ability to levitate and fly.


Merlin can cast large scale illusions that an fool the senses of even the likes of a Great Holy Knight.


Melin is capable of teleporting herself and/or others instantly at a whim.


Merlin can freely levitate herself and others and move them at high speeds, even something the size of Hawk's Mother.

Absolute Cancel

Merlin can erase spells using Absolute Cancel, simply by touching them. This includes spells that are ordinarily not dispel-able for anyone but the caster.


Merlin's Giant Barrier
Merlin's Giant Barrier

Merlin is capable of casting a giant barrier large enough to cover an entire town. It can withstand heavy punishment but only for a short period of time. It was noted that because it was so vast in scale, it's defensive power was weakened, meaning that smaller scale barriers would have higher defensive power.

General Information Edit
Name: Merlin
Name: マーリン
Romanji: Mārin
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Boar's Sin of Gluttony
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Attractive Female
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