Menma the Hero

Menma the Hero is an anime episode of anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day that was released on 04/21/2011

Plot Summary

Jinta, in search of Menma, finds himself in a nostalgic place, the shack that he and his friends had used as a “secret fort.” The lights were on, but as he entered the room, no one was inside. The person who had occupied the hovel was not Menma, but the last member of the Super Peace Busters, “Poppo.” He had left school for a life of traveling and part time jobs. Like Menma, he had been removed from the time that had gone by and because of this Poppo still admires Jinta and respects his leadership.

Having told Poppo about the returning spirit of Menma, Jinta is surprised by how easily he accepts this as truth and how enthusiastic Poppo is to see his dead friend. As much as the other members, as well as Jinta himself have changed, Jinta concludes that Poppo has not, though he has grown much taller. The two begin brainstorming why Menma has reappeared.

As Menma wanders around the streets of the city, a dog responds to her (more hints that she is more than just an illusion). She then wanders upon a quarrelling Tsuruko and Anaru, who get fired up at the mention of Menma’s name. Anaru narrates a flashback of her youth, as she admits that she “wanted to be just like Menma.” This same scene where Anaru asks Jinta if he likes Menma is, this time, in Anaru’s perspective. She blames herself for Menma’s accident as she regrets having asked that question.

Jinta and Poppo recall that Menma wanted a rare “Nokemon” that she never could find. As Jinta heads over to the store to find a used copy of the Nokemon Gold game, he meets Anaru, who had arrived late for her work shift.

As Jinta arrives home and begins playing through the video game he had just purchased, Menma’s absence still bothers him, though he still considers her his “hallucination” and his “stress.” By the time Menma does wander back to his room, he had fallen asleep. She recognizes the game and thanks Jinta for being considerate.

Poppo runs into a jogging Yukiatsu and tells him about the “return of Menma,” to which Yukiatsu visually winces at. Poppo then appears at Jinta’s house reminds him that the rare Nokemon can only be gotten through trading with another player. The only other person who may have the game is Anaru.

Yukiatsu is seen pulling out a white dress, similar to Menma’s, from his closet. He smells it as he says her name aloud. Though not much is said or revealed, it seems that he also cannot forget about her.

Anaru agrees to help the two after hearing the name Menma. Another flash back reveals that Anaru was jealous of Menma’s appearance as well as her relationship with Jinta when she was still alive. Menma, who had seen Anaru break down last night was still apprehensive about entering the room, but felt relieved by the nostalgic feeling of her old friends together. What is clear, though, is that Anaru still has lingering feelings for Jinta. When they do finally find the rare Nokemon, Menma admits that it was not her final wish. The two walk home satisfied, however.

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