Memories is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 06/12/2011


To their shock, Rin and the others learn that the Ghoul attack had all been part of the ExWire exam. However, Yukio, suspicious of Neuhaus' actions during the examination, realizes that his real intention was to kill Rin. He then confronts and battles him, with Rin interfering and helping Yukio defeat Neuhaus. Later, Mephisto announces that everyone had passed the exam and rewards them with some pancakes.

Plot Summary

Rin stares at Igor and tells Igor that he is the enemy. Before he could, Mephisto kicks Rin as he jumps out from the attic. He reveals hidden instructors and that the exam was the boot camp. Next day at the nurse's office, Rin and the others hang out. Neko is stressed out, and Kamiki tells them that ExWire should be able to work well with others. When she says she should have failed, Bon reassures her that Kamiki did well, and he yells at the two students who did nothing. Takara uses his hand puppet to tell Bon to shut up. Bon gets angry, and Rin is amazed at Takara's ventriloquism. As Shiemi wakes up, Bon, Neko, and Shima thank Shiemi for helping them pass the exam. Shiemi acts modest, and when the others asks Rin how he dealt with the ghoul, Rin gives a vague answer. Bon and Kamiki are suspicious about Rin. Later, Yukio asks Igor about his actions where it almost exposes Rin's powers. Igor replies that he is under Mephisto's orders to gauge Rin's abilities. Yukio tells Igor that his brother can control his emotions and powers. Igor reassures Yukio that he will not kill Rin. Back at the herb shop, Shiemi talks with her Greenman while remembering the kind words that her classmates had said. Then, Yukio arrives with a letter, and the two have a chat. Shiemi tells Yukio that she is unsure, and Yukio reminds her that he was nervous before. In a flashback, Shiro introduces Yukio to Shiemi's mother and Shiemi. The mother informs them that Shiemi is awfully shy, and Shiemi left after Yukio introduces himself. Outside, Shiemi hands Yukio a four leaf clover as a good luck charm. Yukio tells Shiemi to stop calling teacher, and Shiemi wants to call Yukio, Yuki-chan.

Back to the present, Yukio tells Shiemi to work hard, and he needs Shiemi's mother's permission to allow Shiemi to become an ExWire. When Yukio sees Igor again in his mind, he leaves the herb shop. In Rin's bedroom, Igor stabs the bed only to find a decoy. Yukio has Igor at gunpoint, and Shiemi is with Rin who has woke up. Then, shots rang, and Igor sends familiar hands to attack Yukio. Yukio follows Igor to the rooftop, and Yukio gets his legs grabbed. After Yukio gets free, he sees Igor cutting his arm open. Igor bleeds heavily on the summon seal to summons his strongest familiar. Yukio finds himself in a tough situation. The familiar throws Yukio against the wall, and Rin throws his flaming sword at the beast. Rin rushes to attack Igor, but Igor throws a holy water grenade at Rin. As Rin struggles to break free from Igor's familiar, Yukio erases the seal. Rin pins Igor with his sword, and when Rin asks Igor who he is, Igor replies that he is a survivor of the Blue Night. He reveals his burned right eye, and he explains that Satan forced him to kill his family.

Igor states that he will give his life to kill Satan, and he strikes at Rin. He is surprised that Rin allows Igor to stab Rin. Rin tells Igor not to involved innocent people, and Igor decides to stop fighting. Before he leaves, Igor tells Rin that there are people like him. Down the stairs, Shiemi finds Igor wounded. On the rooftop, Yukio and Rin see Rin's wound healing fast. Shiemi arrives to heal Rin's wounds, and she forces Rin to lie down. In class, Mephisto tells everyone that they all passed, and he treats them to Monja. At a Monja grill, Mephisto apologizes to Yukio about the Igor incident. After Yukio leaves to eat with his class, Mephisto calls Amaimon to come to the academy. In the demon world, Amaimon wonders how much challenge will Rin give him.


  • Japanese Name: "Omoide" (おもひで)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 7 (Volume 2)
  • Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by Uverworld
  • Ending Theme: "Take Off" by 2PM

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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