Memories in the Distance!

Memories in the Distance! is an anime episode of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club that was released on 07/11/2013
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Makoto and Nagisa watch with their breaths held as Haruka and Rin engage in an intense race. However, they notice that Rin appears to be have changed. At the same time, Nagisa prepares to start up a swim club with help from Rin's sister Gou.
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Plot Summary

Memories in the Distance!
RomajiTsuioku no Disutansu!
TranslationMemories in the Distance!
Theme Music
Opening"Rage on"
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Later that night, Rin thinks back about his race with Haru. Meanwhile at school, a staff scolds Haru and his friends for trespassing at Sametsuka Academy. Afterwards, Gou explains that she texted her brother when she found out they were looking for him. At Haru's residence, Nagisa introduces Kou to Haru and proposes that they should start up a swim club. The next day, Nagise and Makoto ask Miho to be their club advisor after revealing some information of Miho's career. With Miho accepting the position, she has the boys clean up the pool. Later, Nagisa and Haru promote their club to get new recruits for their club but with no success. When Miho overhears Nagisa and Haru was going to promise the new recruits that they will see Miho in a swimsuit, she stops the two. While Makoto explain what happened in Haru's race, Kou offers to join the club to fulfill the requirement. That night, Makoto visits his old school runs into Coach Sasabe, and he realizes that Haru had quit swimming because Haru feels guilty for hurting Rin's feelings.

Finally, the pool is restored to its former glory. Haru quickly jumps into the cold water, leaving Makoto and Miho worried.

Points of Interest

  • Gou has a fetish for triceps.
  • Miho is the club advisor of the swim club.
  • Miho is a teacher in Classical Literature. She used to work for a swimsuit designer.
  • Rei Ryuugazaki makes a cameo in the episode.
  • Coach Sasabe is a former swimming coach of Iwatobi Swimming Club. Now, he works as a pizza delivery man.

Characters & Voice Actors

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