Melk the Second

Melk the Second is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Melk the Second is a famous knife sharpener, and the adopted daughter of Melk the First. Melk entrusted the second generation to her after his retirement


Melk the First took in her as his adopted child. Melk the Second would watch her father work on the knives. One time, she snuck in to touch the knives. When the knives drop down, the shock wave from these knives scarred her face. Even though she was scared of the knives, she was captivated by the sheer beauty and strength of the knives. Melk the First eventually showed her how to sharpen knives. Melk the Second stated that Melk the First never taught her. She only observed and copied his techniques.


Melk the Second was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the supporting characters for Toriko.

Character Evolution


Melk has the appearance of a young beautiful woman, with pale skin and straight shoulder length black hair. Her overall physique is muscular, which helps hide her true gender while trying to pass as a male. She has a scar on her right cheek which she received when she was a child due to a pair of falling knives in Melk the First’s workshop. The scar itself is in the shape of a small cross.

Her attire is a small light blue headband bearing a small dark blue emblem in the centre of two knives and a whetstone in the middle. She is also wearing a small blue jacket with a white trim, a white jumper with blue wrist guards, and a pair of white trousers covered with blue shin guards and a pair of dark blue flat shoes. She has also wrapped bandages around her bust in order to give herself a more manly appearance.


When she was introduced, Melk showed little confidence in her skills, but having spent time with Komatsu while awaiting the return of Toriko she gains a great level of confidence in her abilities and finally accepts her role as the successor of Melk the First.

Major Story Arcs

Melk Stardust Arc

Melk the Second is first seen when Toriko and Komatsu both venture to Melk Mountain in order to both repair Komatsu’s knife and find any information on the Melk Stardust ingredient. She meets them outside her father’s small house at the summit of the mountain after taking care of a Scale Kong, and invites them inside. Having a brief discussion about her knives Toriko invites her to fight him, which she eventually loses due to his superior strength.

After losing, she informs them that she is not the real Melk and that the person they seek is actually her father Melk the First, as she is Melk the Second. She tells them that he left her here in order to finish his last request and that she spends her time trying to complete any and all order that come their way to the best of her ability. Toriko then offers to go after Melk the First and the Melk Stardust, and in exchange he requests that Melk the Second make Komatsu a knife to replace the one he lost, which she agrees with. Komatsu remains behind with her, and she shows him her sharpening skills which she herself doubts are good enough. But having spent so much time with Komatsu while Toriko was in the Heavy Hole trying to find Melk the First and the Melk Stardust, she gains great confidence in her skills, even more when she eats the meal he prepares for them with the very knives she has been sharpening. And when Komatsu discovers that she is in fact a female, she finally becomes comfortable with herself shedding the image she had built.

When Toriko finally returned with word as to the location of Melk the First, She is happy that her master was safe. She then lives up to her end of the bargain and forges a knife for Komatsu using the legendary Derous Fang, and the Melk Stardust Toriko brought back with him to sharpen it, she also fuses Komatsu’s broken knife with the final creation as she felt that it did not want to be discarded, an act that makes Komatsu happy. Spending the next few days forging the knife, when she finally comes to test its sharpness, she cuts through a large section of Melk Mountain, barely missing Toriko and Komatsu who were relaxing in the bath just outside. She engraved her fist signature and mark on the blade, finally taking up the mantle of Melk and naming Komatsu’s knife as her first true creation.

And having finally completed her task, she sat down with Toriko and Komatsu to enjoy the taste of the Melk Stardust.

Cooking Festival Arc

Melk I later seen heading to the Cooking Festival, and when she finally gets into the stadium she begins to cheer for Komatsu who managed to rank in high enough to enter the Festival along with many other notable chefs. She also bears witness to the attack of the Gourmet Corps on the Cooking Festival, an act which shocks her.

Powers and Abilities


Melk is a highly skilled knife sharpener, almost as skilled as her master Melk the First. He did however state that she has talent enough to become even greater than him eventually. Her sharpening skills are of an incredible level, being able to sharpen blades to a level where they are able to cut straight through the ground in her workshop just by falling on the floor. The knife she crafted for Komatsu was of such a high level that with a simple swing she managed to cut the entire mountain range in half. Even when she was a child her skill was notable, being able to craft a blade on her first try.

In combat, she is rather formidable, but overall she is not as strong as her father. She was able to removes the majority of the scales on a Scale Kong with relative ease from a great distance with a relatively unfinished knife, and was able to rival the cutting power of Torikos Knife with a strike of her own. In a physical confrontation with Toriko however he was overpowered showing that she in generally not very strong.


Grindstone Boots – Melk is able to sharpen her knives on her boots in the heat of battle, should they get damaged allowing her to continue fighting. How she does this is unknown, and it’s unknown if the boots she wears are special in any way.

Scale Cut – A delicate cut Melk used to remove the scales from a Scale Kong from a great distance. She notes however that she could have done better with a sharper knife, noticing that some of the scales remained behind realising that the knife she used was not yet finished.

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Name: Melk the Second
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #50
1st anime movie:
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