Melk the First

Melk the First is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Melk the First is the worlds most famous knife sharpener and a powerful member of the 0th Biotope.


Little is known about Melks life before his days as a knife sharpener, but we know that he is acquainted with Ichiryuu on a friendly level, and was even invited by Ichiryuu to join as a member of the 0th Biotope. He also made his home atop Melk Mountain, stated to have been created by him, but it’s unknown if he really did create the mountain.

He came across his soon to be adoptive daughter, Melk the Second, while out in a forest looking for materials. And before accepting her on as his apprentice, he was noted to have turned away many others seeking to learn under him, but they didn’t last very long. Before He left to fulfil Ichiryuus request for a knife that could prepare AIR, he deemed his daughter worthy enough to continue on his legacy and bet the Melk of the second generation. He was unaware at this point however that his voice was so quiet that nobody was able to hear him speak, his daughter included, a fact which she found strange upon his sudden departure.

Upon his departure, he left for Heavy Hole, in order to isolate himself to work in peace and prepare his final work with the assistance of his Melk Stardust.


Melk the First was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro to serve as a supporting character in Toriko.

Character Evolution


Melks appearance post Cooking Festival Arc.
Melks appearance post Cooking Festival Arc.

Melks appearance is that of a giant man with an extremely muscular build, with shaggy and unkempt black hair and a beard. His height is around 2.7 meters tall, and despite his years of isolation he has a notable tan. His skin appears to have numerous cuts, likely from his years of work with dangerous knives.

His attire is lacking consisting of only a wrap around his waist, and a pair of boots with a fur trim covering his shins.

After his battle in Slow Rain Hills, Melk recieved some wounds, including the total loss of his left arm.


While his visage and appearance would lead you to believe that Melk was a frightening man of great power, it’s shown that Melk is in fact a very caring and loving person. The fact that his voice was incredibly quiet lead people to believe he was mute and add to the image that he was some type of dangerous monster. He appears to be quite talkative despite his quiet voice, the problem being that people do not actually hear what he is talking about something which he took as them simply ignoring him completely.

Major Story Arcs

Melk Stardust Arc

Melk is not seen until Toriko ventures to the bottom of Heavy Hole in search of both him and the Melk Stardust. He appears as Toriko is fighting the Scorpion Demon Cattle Beast, and tries to talk to Toriko only to realise that Toriko can’t hear him. He asks the beast to fetch him and Amplifier Stone, which makes his voice loud enough for Toriko to hear what he is saying. Melk leads Toriko further into Heavy Hole to the location of his workshop, telling Toriko he tamed the Demon Cattle Beast to serve as a bodyguard to keep people away from him so he could work in peace, explaining that the reason he is down here to fulfil the request from Ichiryuu for a knife capable of preparing AIR. He is then shocked to hear that his daughter, Melk the Second, was unable to hear his reason for leaving because of his quiet voice.

After Toriko inquires as to the location of the Melk Stardust, Melk leads him to a cavern full of it and tells him to take as much as he wishes. As Toriko readies himself to leave Heavy Hole, Melk asks if he could take a look at the list of ingredients Ichiryuu has requested from him, and notices that the Mellow Cola is on the list. He then tells Toriko that he should go and get that next due to it being in season and that he could find it in the Gourmet Pyramid.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Melk is later seen attending a meeting of the 0th Biotope members at their Headquarters on top of a Cloud Tree in the Gourmet World. Ichiryuu asks him how the knife he has been crafting is coming along, only to silently reply which causes Manan to affirm to everyone who was unable to hear his voice that he had already completed it. He along with the rest of the 0th Biotope get fired up as they make their final preparations to set out into the Gourmet World in search of Acacia’s Full Course Menu.

Cooking Festival Arc

Melk is later seen with Atashino and Ichiryuu at Slow Rain Hills at Area 8 of the Gourmet World as they begin their search for AIR, the salad dish of Acacia’s Full Course Menu. As Ichiryuu notes that the rest of them are likely in position, they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Midora and a single Rampage and Tornadragon. Melk and Atashino both move forward to take care of the Gourmet Beasts, while Ichiryuu and Midora relocate to the Stray Islands in order to have their final battle.


The Kings meet Melk and Atashino in Hex Food World.
The Kings meet Melk and Atashino in Hex Food World.

Melk is seen again when the Four Heavenly Kings finally reach Hex Food World on their quest into the Gourmet Worlds Area 8 in search of the legendary ingredient AIR. His battle in Slow Rain Hills caused him to lose his arm before relocating to Hex Food World to heal himself. When the Four Heavenly Kings finally arrived he explained the events to them and gave them detailed information on how to get to, and prepare AIR, including the location of the incredible kitchen knife he personally forged for Ichiryuu, which is a key part of the preparation.

After the Kings had left Hex Food World, Melk and Atashino take the Daruma Hermit to Atmosphere Garden, a place of incredible natural healing near Hex Food World, so his full recovery would be in time for the preparation of AIR. While there they listen the Daruma Hermit explain the history of Area 8, the nature of AIR and the Horse King Heracles.

Melk and the others prepare to eat AIR.
Melk and the others prepare to eat AIR.

After AIR had been prepared by Komatsu, Melk and the others from Hex Food World arrived at Slow Rain Hills thanks to the sudden outburst of air from AIR clearing the entire continent from the deadly and exotic forms of rainfall, which allowed them to cross through the once deadly areas surrounding Slow Rain Hills with relative ease. As they finish eating AIR they are attacked by the sudden arrival of NEO members Shigematsu, Kairu, Boneless, and Teppei. As they stand off against one another, Melk watches on as Toriko unleashes his Gourmet Devils left arm and begins to take care of NEOs members on his own thanks to the massive boost in power he received from eating AIR.

Powers and Abilities


Melk the First is regarded as the most skilled knife sharpener in the entire world, noted by the fact that he crafted a blade fo the IGO President Ichiryuu that was capable of preparing Acacia’s salad dish AIR. He also trained the second generation Melk, his daughter Melk the Second, whose skill is as good as his own with a potential he noted to become even greater that his. During his life he managed to discover many notable grindstones and whetstones, the most notable of which is the Melk Stardust, the dust from which is also a high level ingredient.

As a member of the 0th Biotope, he is able to venture into the Gourmet World and survive there without difficulty, hinting at his great strength and power. This is further reinforced by his ability to acquire the materials he needs for his knives from high capture level beasts himself.

General Information Edit
Name: Melk the First
Name: 初代メルク
Romanji: Shodai Meruku
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #51
1st anime movie:
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