Melancholic Monday

Melancholic Monday is an anime episode of Eden of The East that was released on 04/17/2009

Melancholic Monday-Episode 2

Melancholic Monday (憂鬱な月曜日) Yūutsu na Getsuyōbi

Akira and Saki arrive back in Japan where Saki sees the extent of how much Akira doesn't know about the world around him. As he attempts to figure out his mysterious past, Akira learns more about the situation he is in as well as that he is no longer alone. With a detective on his tail, he must start to mend the broken pieces of his mind before it's too late.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Falling Down by Oasis

As Akira and Saki make their decent into Japan, the two of them observe the smoldering crater where the missile hit. Akira notices other craters around the missile strike from yesterday as he asks what they are from. Saki laments that they are from the Careless Monday attacks last year and how its bizarre that today is a Monday too. When they land, they see how utterly packed the airport is as the news reports the only survivors from attack. Saki reveals that at Careless Monday, no one died which shocks Akira. Saki soon gets a call from Satoshi Osugi that he, Haruo Kasuga, Kazuomi Hirasawa, Mikuru Katsuhara, and Yutaka Itazu are stuck in traffic as Osugi is obviously smitten with Saki. Meanwhile, Akira received a call from Juiz. He tries to prompt her for more answers but is unsuccessful at figuring out who he is. What he does find out is that he has a bank account with 8.2 billion yen and he can have anything

He requests that Juiz find a way to get him out of the packed airport as a tram approaches to escort him out. Meanwhile, Detective Yusei Kondo gets an APB about a man matching Akira's description. He doesn't pay attention but sees that Selecao Number IX just made transactions and realizes the APB is for the Selecao Number IX. Equipped with a cell phone that reads IV, he reads Akira's latest transactions and wonders why he is bothering with small purchases. Akira is still testing out the capabilities of his phone as he leads Saki outside. He confesses that he has no memory and vows to find out. However, he returns to her and asks for help.

Yusei is on their tails as he sees that Akira bought a monorail ride. Akira asks what exactly happened on Carless Monday as the other train riders look with confusion. Saki explains that on that day, nearly a dozen missiles were launched at Japan. The Prime Minister of Japan said he was careless and conspiracy theories emerge when no one was hurt in the attack. Akira understands now as they get off at the station. Yusei looks around for Akira as he approaches the detective. Akira comments on how their phones look the same and wonders is Yusei got his memory wiped too. Yusei doesn't know what he's talking about as Akira leaves.

Akira and Saki wait for a ferry to take them to Akira's address listed on his passport as the two talk about one another. Saki mentions that her parents died a few years ago and her older sister and husband took over their family's bakery and allowed her to finish college. She admits how much she admires her brother-in-law. Akira mentions how he remembers something about his life about how his mother gave him money to buy something once. Then she disappeared as the boat approaches. Akira bids Saki goodbye but decides to invite her along at the last minute. Akira asks about Saki's trip to New York City as she shows him pictures that cause him to remember obscure movies. Saki laughs this off as she says that she wanted to visit Ground Zero and never forget what happened. Akira takes a picture of the crater behind them, saying that its the Ground Zero for Tokyo, which she agrees.

Yusei meanwhile tries to find out more about Akira as his money is running out and owes the mob. The mob threatens him as he requests Juiz to kill the two mobsters and a bystander. As his money on the cell phone is going down, he laughs about how he'll take Akira's money once he finds him.

Ending Theme

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenji Kamiyama Director Series creator, director and writer.
Satoko Morikawa Character Artist/Designer
Chica Umino Character Artist/Designer The pen name of an anonymous Japanese Mangaka. She is most known for being the creator of the Honey and Clover series.
Kenji Kawai Music A Japanese composer known for his work in Mamoru Oshii's movies.
Satoru Nakamura Animation Director
Akiko Nagashima Animation Director


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