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Meister is a anime/manga concept
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Death Scythe

Death Scythes are the most powerful weapons in Soul Eater and a weapon can only reach this rank after it has eaten 99 kishin egg souls and one witch's soul.

Demon Weapons (Soul Eater)

Demon Weapons are characters in Soul Eater who have the power to transform into weapons for the purpose of killing evil spirits. They are teamed up with Meisters in order to complete this objective.

Great Old Ones

originally known as the eight powerful warriors were around 800 years before the start of Soul Eater.


Kishins are powerful demon gods and are a major antagonistic force in Soul Eater.


A group of at least two people who always work together and often make each other stronger by doing so.

Soul Resonance

Soul Resonance is an ability that can be performed in Soul Eater in which a Meister and a Weapon get their souls completely in synch, allowing them to perform powerful attacks.

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