Mei Narusegawa

Mei Narusegawa is a anime/manga character in the Love Hina franchise
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Naru Narusegawa's Step-Sister.


Mei became Naru's stepsister as a result of her father marrying Naru's moher during Naru's time in middle school. While Mei was happy at the thought of having an older sister, Naru's resentment of her mother for the remarriage led her to leave the Narusegawa residence and take up residence at Hinata Inn. Mei was under the assumption that Naru's departure was due to her and felt rejected as a result. Years later, Mei wanted to transfer to an overseas school in Canada in an attempt to drive Naru back home. However, Mei's parents refused her request. Still, this didn't halt Mei's desires as she would run away to the Hinata Inn to develop a plan to bring Naru back home.


Mei was initially created as a character made exclusively for anime adaptations of Love Hina. However, she would be referred to and even make a few cameo appearances in the final two volumes of the manga series. For the anime, Mei was voiced by Yuri Shiratori in Japanese and Rebecca Forstadt in English.



Mei was around Kaolla and Shinobu's age with her appearance in the anime, having shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes.


Mei had a strong love for her stepsibling Naru as such where she wanted her to return home to live with her family and felt rejected by her when she left for the Hinata Inn years earlier.


Mei arrived at Hinata Inn in an attempt to sabotage Naru and Keitaro's growing relationship to have her stepsister return home. She attempted this by trying to manipulate Keitaro into starting up a relationship with Mutsumi, going so far as to exploit details about the childhood promise all three had made as children. Naru would eventually learn of Mei's manipulations through a phone call from her parents, but made the mistaken assumption that Mei simply did everything to force her parents to allow her to go through with the school transfer.

While thinking that Naru hated her, Mei was reassured by Keitaro that Naru did care for her and would offer his help in mending their relationship. Noticing that Naru was in a depressed state over the possibility of Mutsumi being the promise girl, Mei came to realize the strong feelings her stepsister had for him much to her denial. While away from Hinata Inn due to repairs, Mei and the other residents of the inn are able to talk Naru into reassurance that her relationship with Keitaro was not lost. From that point on, Mei would be supportive of Naru's developing relationship with Keitaro and would accompany the inn residents during later events in the Love Hina anime.

Voiced by
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Yuri Shiratori
General Information Edit
Name: Mei Narusegawa
Name: 成瀬川 メイ
Romanji: Narusegawa Mei
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Love Hina #14
1st anime episode: Love Hina #22
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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