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A ten year old girl Pokemon Trainer and Coordinator, following in her mother's path. Her first Pokemon is Piplup. She travels with Ash and Brock.


A newer member of the Turks. Elena is still inexperienced and clumsy but takes her job very seriously.


Irene is a character in Blood . She is a part of the Schiff. As she begins to weaken, she makes a short but strong friendship with Kai Miyagusuku. Later on, she drinks Saya's blood and dies.

Layla Ashley

A female Barbaroi wandering Mars searching for the one who murdered her family when she was young. She travels Mars with a Doll named Nei.


A servant of Glenn Baskerville who shares a history with Jack Bezarius. Lotti is also partially responsible for the Tragedy of Sabrie.


Mercenary and best friend of Jo who seems to get kidnapped or held hostage often.

Miranda Lotto

Miranda became an exorcist after Allen Walker, and Lenalee Lee helped her stop the repeat of time in her town.

Miriallia Haw


Paine is reserved and fearsome , she is a member of the Gullwings and one of Yuna's best friends.

Parfet Balblair

Parfet is the Nirvana's mechanic. She becomes good friends with Duelo (with whom she develops a mutual attraction), and does not appear in the manga.

Ran Kotobuki

She's the Top Kogal of the Shibuya District whom has a family bloodline of police officers.


Revy is the muscle of the Lagoon Company couriers known as Two Hands in the corrupt Thailand city of Roanapur.


A epitaph user who is a fan of Endrance.


Tsukasa Nishino

Most popular girl in Junpei's middle school and his first and only official girlfriend.

Yumi Omura

A 17 year old girl who works at a Japanese pub know as "My Pleasure".She also dislikes any human size persocoms.

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