G1 Megatron.... how does he shrink?

Topic started by EganTheVile1 on April 26, 2011. Last post by MrDirector786 3 years, 8 months ago.
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Shouldn't Megatron's robot mode be a lot smaller if Soundwave can hold his gun mode with one hand? This question has been on my mind for decades.... Now there are certainly other examples of insane proportion changes in this series, Astrotrain somehow becomes big enough to carry an army of Decepticons inside his shuttle mode when his robot mode is about the same height as the Decepticons he carries inside him. 

But Megatron, who is taller then Soundwave or Starscream somehow becomes small enough to be used as a handgun by them, guess you have anime laws of physics to thank, but there is another Decepticon handgun, and his proportions make a bit more sense in robot mode, Browning seen below is a gun in his alt mode, and small enough to be handheld in robot mode as well.

Am I alone on having been bugged by Megs apparent shrinking ability? 
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Yeah it has confused still to this day.
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@EganTheVile1: do you know why Megatron then get reimagined as a tank? or many many other things? or never transform that often?
your question is the answer
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There's also the matter of where Prime's trailer goes when he transformers. G1 was full of little inconsistencies with stuff like that.
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