Megas XLR Characters

Megas XLR is an anime series in the Megas XLR franchise
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Coop Cooplowski

The main character of Megas XLR. Coop found Megas one day while at the junkyard and rebuilt it with many new features.


One of the main characters from Megas XLR. Goat works at the junkyard where Coop found Megas.


The leader of the Glorft army who followed Kiva from the future to retrieve Megas. He and his army are trapped in the past as well making due with anything in their weaponry to destroy Koop and retrieve Megas.


A giant monster from Megas XLR. He was in prison for millions of years for destroying planets but was freed by coop thinking his prison was a video game cartridge.


One of the main characters from Megas XLR. Jamie has been coops best friend since they were young.


The mech pilot from the future who ends up having to supervise Coop as she cannot pilot the modified Megas.


The owner of a Intergalactic Robot Fighting Tournament. He is voiced by Bruce Campbell.

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