Megarodras is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Megarodras is a powerful member of the secretive 0th Biotope.


Megarodras’s origin is completely unknown beyond the fact that he is an assassin of great skill, and that his skills and power earned him an invitation into the power elite of the 0th Biotope


Megarodras was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character for the series Toriko.

Character Evolution


Megarodras’s physical appearance is unknown due to being concealed behind his armour, but his armour in question is very elaborate, bearing features of a gourmet beast he has likely killed in the past. Wearing a small necklace of small spikes or bones around his neck, his armour is solid black with a green trim.


Megarodras’s personality has yet to be expanded upon so very little is known about him or his personality.

Major Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Megarodras is called to the 0th Biotopes Gourmet World Headquarters to attend a meeting at the request of IGO President Ichiryuu, the leader of the group. While there he is surprised to hear the rumours surrounding Acacia’s legendary Hors D’Oeurve, CENTER, one of the many ingredients on the Gourmet Gods Full Course Menu.

After the meeting had concluded, he along with the rest of the 0th Biotope got fired up about their upcoming missions and he left to set his affairs in order before they set out into the Gourmet World to complete their tasks.

Cooking Festival Arc

Megarodras joins his teammate Goblin Ramon in Food Region Forest, Sector D of the Gourmet World, in order to search out and acquire the meat dish of Acacia’s Full Course Menu, NEWS. As they exchange some friendly banter about having a competition to see who can kill the most enemies, they are interrupted by the Gourmet Corps Waiter Alfaro, and a contingent of tamed Nitro under his command. Alfaro is shocked that the 0th Biotope would employ two people such as them due to their noted criminal pasts and an unseen battle commences.

The outcome of the battle is currently unknown but it’s possible that Megarodras and Goblin Ramon were both defeated by either Alfaro and his Nitro or a wild Blue Nitro.

Powers and Abilities


Megarodras has yet to show his power, but given he is an assassin it’s likely that he is highly skilled in the art of killing, assassinations, and stealth, making him extremely deadly both in and out of direct combat . His status as a member of the 0th Biotope further reinforces this level of skill and power as he must have incredible power and skill, enough to be able to operate and survive in the Gourmet World.

General Information Edit
Name: Megarodras
Name: メガロドラス
Romanji: Megarodorasu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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