MegaMan NT Warrior

MegaMan NT Warrior is an anime series in the Mega Man franchise
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MegaMan NT Warrior focuses on Lan Hikari and his NetNavi MegaMan's struggle against the terrorist organization World Three and the NetMafia Gospel.

This first part of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime consists of two storylines, called "Areas". 


Area One

The first Area tells the story of the heroes' battle against the terrorist organization World Three, led by Dr. Wily. Wily desires the ultimate NetNavi, and organizes the N1 Grand Prix NetBattling tournament to find it. The final tournament battle awakens the ultimate NetNavi - PharaohMan. PharaohMan deletes MegaMan, and plans to conquer the entire net. A rebuilt MegaMan manages to defeat PharaohMan with the help of ProtoMan, and proceeds to destroy the World Three.

Area Two

The second Area tells the story of MegaMan and Lan's struggle against the NetMafia Gospel, led by Wily. The NetMafia plans to create a virus beast with the power to destroy the net. They succeed in doing so and the beast, named Gospel after the mafia, begins to absorb the net. A NetNavi named Bass appears, and it is revealed that both Gospel and Bass were created from the leftover data from PharaohMan. Bass attempts to absorb Gospel, but is himself absorbed. After changing into the Bug Style, MegaMan manages to absorb Gospel and return the net to normal. In the last episode, Lan's dad Dr. Hikari successfully merges a part of the net with the real world as a lead in to the sequel, MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. 

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Name MegaMan NT Warrior
Name: ロックマンエグゼ
Romaji: Rockman.EXE
Publisher XEBEC
Start Year 2002
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