Mega Man Characters

Mega Man is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 7 anime series, 2 manga series
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Akane Hoshikawa

Subaru Mother.


A FM-ian that fused with a human to destroy War-Rock but became a assistant to Misora Hibiki.


A FM-ian that fused with a dead man to destroy Warrock.


A FM-ian that fused with Shinsuke Utagai to destroy Warrock.

Daigo Hoshikawa

Subaru's father.

Detective Goyoda

A officer from the Satella Police.

Dex Oyama

Dex Oyama is a friend of Netto Hikari's and GutsMan's operator.



A FM-ian that partnered with Tsukasa Futaba to help destroy Earth for the FM King.

Geo Stelar

The main character of the Megaman Star Force series.


Yai's NetNavi.

Gonta Ushijima

A School bully that usually messes with Subaru.


Dekao Oyama's NetNavi.


A FM-ian who is partnered with Misora Hibiki.

Hub Hikari

A character from Megaman NT Warrior. Hub is the twin brother of Lan Hikari.


Kizamaro Saishoin

A nerdy and condescending student who is more or less one of Luna's flunkies.

Lan Hikari

Lan Hikari is the operator of Megaman in the Megaman NT Warriors series.


A FM-ian that fuses with Michimori Ikuta to destroy War-Rock.

Luna Shirogane

The perky and bossy fifth-grade class president of Kodama Elementary.

Madoi Iroaya

A WWW agent, and the operator of WakoMan.

Mamoru Amachi

A good friend of Subaru.

Mayl Sakurai

Mayl Sakurai(Meiru Sakurai) is one of Netto Hikari's friends and Roll.EXE's Operator.


A NetNavie that belongs to Jasmine.

Mega Man

Megaman is a humanoid robot that was created by Dr. Light to combat the evil Dr. Wily. Megaman's special ability is that he can steal the power of other robots after defeating them.

Mega Man X

X is a robot warrior created by the genius Dr. Light, and was activated 100 years after the doctor's death. X fights against the Mavericks alongside Zero.


A FM-ian the rebelled against his kind and escaped to Earth. He met Subaru Hoshikawa and merged with him in order to fight the FM-ians attacking Earth as Megaman (Rockman).


A FM-ian that fused with Shirogane Luna to destroy Warlock.


A FM-ian that fused with Gonta Ushijima to destroy Warrock.



Roll is a character from the Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) series. She is a happy optimistic robot dressed in pink and who is very good friends with Megaman.

Shinsuke Utagai

A good friend of Subaru that was possessed by Cygnus.


The Lone Soldier and sole survivor of Mu.

Sonia Strumm

Sonia Strumm is a popular rock star who also can merge with an FM-ian.

Tsukasa Futaba

While generally nice, Futaba is pushed by Hikaru to hate the world, and has also been in contact with the FM-ian Gemini for an extended period prior to Subaru's meeting with Warrock.


A FM-ian that fused with Juro Ogami to destroy Warrock.

Yai Ayano

Yai is a wealthy and spoiled kid, who is the daughter of the president of Ayano-Tech's president

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