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Medaka Box is an manga series in the Medaka Box franchise
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You win, I give up! Reviewed by DocHaus on May 23, 2011. DocHaus has written 7 reviews. His/her last review was for Come At Me Seriously!!. 18 out of 21 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 2 users found this review helpful.
Dear Nisio Isin,

I don't get it anymore. I just...don't get it. I don't even know how to rate this manga, considering it is still going, but I have to choose a number from the star ratings so I chose that middling number.

Let's start from the top: the story is about a Student Council president who is a Mary Sue. I know that term gets thrown around a lot these days to slander fiction writers, but Medaka embodies it: faster, stronger, smarter, just plain better than any normal or Abnormal human being. Her only weakness has literally been "She's too trusting of others," which is something people on the internet with Mary Sue characters put when they can't think of any real weaknesses to balance out their characters.

Still, you had an interesting premise with the humorous student council solving student problems thing, but when the manga started to slip near the bottom in ratings you had to do something, so what happened? You abruptly turned it into Dragonball Z. Whatever side characters you were developing into actual people got shoved into a closet. Heck, after the Flask Plan arc, half the student council barely had any screen (page?) time. Characters started pulling random superpowers out of their ass. Characters who never had any hint of relationship with the main cast suddenly became very important. Then you threw the Idiot Ball (see TV Tropes) to Medaka as a way of taking her out of any fighting while not putting her in any real danger.

There was a brief glimmer of hope when you introduced the character of Kumagawa Misogi into the story, a character who was supposedly pure evil incarnate who used his power to heal people just so he could kill...errr, horribly wound them over and over again. He was even charismatic enough to draw equally evil students over to his side to fight for him. Here was an enemy who could fight on Medaka's home turf and potentially even win, or at least fight to a draw.

But nope, turns out that every battle during that arc ended with whoever had the strongest Power of Friendship on their side (spoiler: it wasn't Kumagawa's side, and even when his side won it was because Medaka's team let him win). Kumagawa became just another cast member with just another quirky personality. And now we're getting into a new story arc where rather than develop the characters you already have, you're just going to throw more random people in with even more superpowers that were never hinted at before and likely will never be mentioned again once they have served their purpose: to extend the life of the manga so you can avoid the cancellation notice.

So there, you win. You got your spot in Shonen Jump, you got individual tankobon volumes, and the chapters will probably reach triple-digits soon. But there's no point in keeping up with this thing when you know it's never going to end, no matter how many fourth-wall-breaking jokes there are.
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