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Medaka Box is an manga series in the Medaka Box franchise
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Hansode Shiranai

She's the granddaughter of the headmaster of Hakoniwa Academy. She's the smallest of the main characters even though she has a huge appetite and is seen constantly eating!

Ima Takarabe

Ima Takarabe is a student of Hitomasu All-Girl Junior High School in the Medaka Box series.

Kamome Tsurubami

Kamome Tsurubami is Fukurou's son and a transfer student to Hakoniwa Academy.

Kujira Kurokami

She is Medaka's older sister who goes by a anonymous name Youka Naze to conceal her true identity. She is apart of Class 13 which is a class full of abnormal students!

Medaka Kurokami

In the beginning of Medaka Box, she becomes the student president. She appears to be one of the main character of the franchise.

Suishou Kibougaoka

Suishou Kibougaoka is a student of St. Cargo All-Girl Academy in the Medaka Box series.

Wanitsuka Shori

She's a junior of Sensuikan Junior High and is a intern working as apart of the Candidate Student Council. She is strong willed, prefers strength above all else, and she has a crush of Kouki Akune when he used to be called "Destroyer".

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi

He is the childhood friend of Medaka. He is the main male character and is the Student Council General Affairs Manager of the school.

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