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The Mordred if a custome eight-generation Knightmare Frame, equipped with a quad-barrel Stark Hadron Cannon. Piloted by Anya Alstreim.


A Orbital Frame that was piloted by Viola. The Neith and Viola were eventually destroyed in combat by Leo Stenbuck and was rebuilt into the Nepthis.


A Martian Kataphrakt piloted by Sir Trillram.


A Personal Trooper piloted by Kyosuke Nanbu.


A Personal Trooper piloted by Excellen Browning. A range type PT.

Paniponi X

A large mech created in a joint venture with M.I.T. and Momotsuki Academy. Paniponi X has a variety of forms ranging from a super robot to a robotic tiger to a goofy version of Eva Unit 01.


The Percival is a custom eighth-generation of Knightmare Frame. Piloted by Luciano Bradley, the Britannain Vampire.

Plug Suit

A Plug Suit is a skin tight suit that connects nerves of the Eva Pilots to the Evangelion, allowing better connection and control.


The Portman are amphibious fourth-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames. Used by the Britannian Army.

RA164 Alleluia

RA164 Alleluia is an IFO from Blue Generation.

RA272 Nirvash

RA272 Nirvash is an IFO piloted by Ao Fukai.

RA304 Kyrie

RA304 Kyrie is an IFO of Generation Bleu.

Real Personal Trooper Type 1 (R-1)

Ryuusei Date's Personal Trooper.

Real Personal Trooper Type 2 (R-2)

Raidiese F. Branstein's Personal Trooper.

Real Personal Trooper Type 3 (R-3)

Aya Kobayashi's Personal Trooper.

Red Lion

The Red Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his right arm. This lion is piloted by Lance


The Shinkirou is a custom eighth-generation Knightmare Frame, created by Rakshata Chawla. It's equipped the Absolute Defense Field, Druid System, and Structural Phase Transition Cannon. Piloted by Lelouch Lamperouge.

Sol Gravion

A stronger version of God Gravion

Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren

Another giant gunmen ship hidden as the planets false moon. Once Simon combined it with the Arc-Gurren he was then able to sweep past many Anti-Spiral ships.

Super Vandread

The combined form of Hbiki's Vanguard, Dita's Dread, Meia's Dread, Jura's Dread and Pyoro.


The Sutherland are mass-production fifth-generation Knightmare Frames. Upgraded for basic infantry.

Sutherland Sig

The Sutherland Sig is a customized Knightmare Frame using a Sutherland and parts from the wreckage of the Knight Giga Fortress, Siegfried. Piloted by Jeremiah Gottwald.


A usually headless robot body designed to be connected to and controlled by a smaller robot who either connects to become the head or engine block of the larger Transtector mech. Humans wearing a Master Brace can also connect to one.


Female Mecha piloted by Ryune Zoldark. This form appeared only in "Super Robot Taisen OG - Divine Wars".

Valsione R

A mech piloted by Ryune Zoldark.

Vandread Dita

The combined form of Hibiki Vanguard and Dita's Dread.

Vandread Meia

The combined form of Hibikis Vanguard and Meias Dread.

Venus A

Female partner of Mazinger Z


The Vincent is the prototype seventh-generation of Knightmare Frames intended for mass-production. Piloted by Rolo Lamperouge.

Vincent Commander Model

Vincent Commander Modelare are seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. Used by the Britannian Army.

Vincent Royal Guard

The Vincent Royal Guard seventh-generation mass-production model version of the Vincent Knightmare Frame. Piloted by the Britanian Emperor's royal guard.

Vincent Ward

The Vincent Ward are seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. The weaker of the variants, but still highly effective.


The Warlock is an anti-Neuroi mech that was created under the command of General Maloney to replace the Strike Witches. Powered by a piece of a Neuroi core.

Yellow Lion

The yellow lion is a component of Voltron and forms his left leg, it is piloted by Hunk


Yunboroid are mechs that the people of Earth (in Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet) use.

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

Zangetsu (KMF)

The Zangetsu is a custom model of the seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frame, Akatsuki. Piloted by Kyoshiro Tohdoh.

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