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Humanoid robots made for combat against Jovian Lizards.


The Akatsuki are a seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames that are used by the Black Knights for basic infantry.

Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan

The Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan are a variant of the seventh-generation mass-production Akatsuki that have been customized for squadron leaders of the Black Knights.


A mech piloted by Lamia Loveless.


Female Mecha piloted by Aya Kawaii, Mia Kishida and Kazumi Kishida. "Her" name is an acronym, which stands for "All Round Intercept & Escort Lady"

Armored Core

Armored Core are highly-advanced, modular mecha that utilized to nearly any battle situation.

Baion Beta

Piloted by Shun Azuma

Battle Jacket

The Battle Jacket is the best defense against the Mimics

Black Lion

The largest of the Voltron lions, the black lion forms the body and head of Voltron. It is piloted by Keith

Black Tiger

Spacecraft piloted by Stride, very similar to the Black Voltron Lion.

Blue Lion

The Blue Lion is a component of Voltron and forms his right leg, it was piloted by Sven, Princess Allura and is currently piloted by Larmina.


The Burai are an upgraded Glasgow model Knightmare Frames. Frequently used by the Black Knights and Japanese Liberation Front.

Burai Customs

The Burai Customs are five customized fifth-generation Knightmare Frames. Upgraded for combat for the Four Holy Swords of the Black Knights, formerly of the Japanese Liberation Front.

Carp's Robeast

A red vulture-like mech piloted by Carp. Built more for speed then firepower.

Doutonbori Robo

The Doutonbori Robo, also known as the DTR, are the mechanized battle transports of the Nudist Beach forces.

Emeraude's Mashin

Emeraude's personal Mashin. In the manga, "her" appearance was more centaur-Like.


The Humanoid battle mechs seen in Guilty Crown. Pilots operate the Endlaves via a remote cockpit where they control it's movement using their brains.

Final Elphangar

Final Elphangar is a summoned magical robot that was used by Miyabi.

GF13-050NSW Noble Gundam

Neo Swedens Gundam. It is piloted by Allenby Beardsley.


The Galahad is a custom eighth-generation of Knightmare Frame, equipped with the Excalibur sword. Piloted by Bismarck Waldstein.


The Ganymede is a prototype third-generation Knightmare Frame. Developed by the Ashford Foundation. Test piloted by Marianne vi Britannia.


The Gareth is a seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frame, based on the prototype Gawain. Used by the Britannian Army and Glaston Knights.


The Gawain is a custom sixth-generation prototype Knightmare Frame. First belonged to Schneizel but was stolen by Lelouch and Kallen. Piloted by Lelouch & C.C.


The Gekka are custom seventh-generation Knightmare Frames, based on the Guren Mk-II. Piloted by the members of the Four Holy Swords.

General Franky

The Iron Pirate known as the General Franky is a mech created by combining the Black Rhino FR-U IV and Brachio Tank Unit V. It was created by Franky.

GinRei Robo

It's a female mecha piloted by Ginrei (and briefly by Daisaku Kusama). "Her" only appearance was in "The Mighty Gin Rei" (the second episode of "GinRei: THE ANIMATION" spin-off OAV).


The Glasgow is an fourth-generation of Knightmare Frames. Used during the invasion on Japan by the Britannian Empire.


The Gloucesteris a fifth-generation Knightmare Frame that was developed by making improvements to the Sutherland. It was made with close combat against other Knightmare Frames in mind.

Gran Kaiser

Main Piece of the God Gravion.


A Mecha created by the Anti-Spiral to combat the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. On the center of it's head lies the Anti-Spirals home world.

Grausam Valkyrie Squad Vincent

The Grausam Valkyrie Squad Vincent are two seventh-generation mass-production Knightmare Frames, modeled after the Vincent. Piloted by the Valkyrie Squad under the command of Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley.

Green Lion

The Green Lion is a component of Voltron, forming his left arm. It is first seen piloted by Keith, but Pidge soon becomes it's mainstay pilot.

Gun Ru

The Gun Ru is a form of mass-produced Knightmare Frame created by the Chinese Federation. Relatively weak by comparison to other frames, but excess in sheer numbers.

Guren Flight-Enabled

The Guren Flight-Enabled is the repaired and upgraded version of the original Guren Mk-II. Improved with an advanced Radiation Claw and flight ability. Piloted by Kallen Kozuki.

Guren Mk-II

The Guren Mk-II is a seventh-generation prototype Knightmare Frame, developed by Rakshata Chawla with a powerful radiation-emitting arm and increased mobility. Piloted by the Black Knights' Kallen Kozuki.

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements-Type

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements is the ultimate in the Ninth Generation KMFs. A mixture of the original Guren and technology of Lloyd Asplund. Piloted by Kallen Kozuki.

Hibiki's Vanguard

A Vanguard Hibiki obtained after stowing away on a Flagship. It was affected by the Paksis Pragma and given the ability to combine with Dita's, Meia's and Jura's Dread.

KG-7 Areion

A kataphrakt used by the UE Forces in combat against the martians.

Knight Police

The Knight Police are a mass-production Knightmare Frame model that is used by the Britannian Empire's police force.


The Lancelot is first of the seventh-generation of Knightmare Frames. Created by Lloyd Asplund and assisted by Cecile Croomy. Piloted by Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Albion

Lancelot Albion is the prototype 9th generation knightmare frame built by Lloyd Asplund and Cecilé Croomy. The Albion is an entirely new knightmare frame built from the ground up for Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Conquista

The Lancelot Conquista is an eighth-generation Knightmare Frame. An upgraded version of the original Lancelot with flight ability and advanced weaponry. Created by Lloyd Asplund and piloted by Suzaku Kururugi.

Lancelot Frontier

The Lancelot Frontier is a pink-model of the Lancelot that was created using salvaged parts of other Knightmare Frames, equipped with the shield of Percival. Piloted by C.C.


A powered armor suit seen in Shirow Masamune's Appleseed series. A large variety of Landmates exist, ranging from civilian construction units to heavily-armed anti-gravity flight units employed by various police forces, armies, and even well-financed terrorist organizations.


The MR-1 is a civilian grade Knightmare Frame that has no combat ability. It's primarily used for the transporting of heavy cargo.

Mark Nemo

A Knightframe from the Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally Manga. Nunnally pilots this unique frame.


One-Off Enemy Female Mecha, which appeared in 10th episode of the anime "Saikyu Robo Daioja."

Mecha Tank

Mecha Tanks are anti-bending machines created by Hiroshi Sato for the Equalists.


The giant robot that Wooser normally uses when wreaking havoc in town.

Million Alpha

Piloted by Lori and Roll.

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