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Mech is a anime/manga concept
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Blue Breaker

Known as STW-9000 is an infamous auto-enforcer created by The Third. Blue Breaker has a complex AI system and a fighting prowess far beyond normal auto-enforcers.


AKA Dragon Voltron. It is composed of five robot Dragons, much similar to the five Voltron Lions.

Drule Voltron

A deadly mech created by the Drule, it was defeated by the combined efforts of Voltron and Vehicle Voltron. It is the combination of four robeasts and Lotor's skull ship.

Duplicate Voltron

An Evil Voltron created from stolen blueprints by King Zarkon, and given the ability to read the electric impulses of the original by Haggar, thus allowing it to anticipate Voltrons next move before it is made.

Excellen Browning

A character in the Super Robot Wars franchise. She pilots the Weissritter, a ranged combat focused prototype mecha.

Gilliam Yeager

A former member of the Aggressors and one of the best Personal Trooper pilot in Super Robot Wars.

Gladiator Voltron

Voltron II (AKA: Gladiator Voltron) was to be the third version of Voltron for America. It was to be adapted from the anime series Lightspeed Electroid Albegas.

Jet Alone

Robot created by Shiro Tokita


The small combat robot in the appearance of a homely looking girl. It is piloted by MM. It is said that Kemeko was only a prototype for Kiriko. When MM enters Kemeko, her personality completely changes from timid to aggressive.


The small combat robot is similar to Kemeko, but with dark hair and an eyepatch. It is piloted by Vanilla M. Repairs. When piloting, Vanilla's light-hearted personality changes to calm and formal.

Latooni Subota

A pilot under the wing of Kai Kitamura and one of Ryuusei Date's love interest.

Laura Bodewig

The IS cadet representative from Germany, who is a genetically-engineered super-soldier and member of the German military and holds the rank of second lieutenant.

Madoka Orimura

Madoka Orimura

Mouse Voltron

A mini-mech version of Voltron operated by the Space Mice, usually seen fighting Haggar's cat Coba.


PEEBRI is one of the three robotic AI bombs created by Brianna Diggers. PEEBRI is the one that is best described as....TOO Rambunctious.


Peebrit is one of the three PEEBO AI bombs created by Brianna Diggers and modeled after her sister, Brittany Diggers. PEEBRIT is best described as....TOO energetic.


Peegi is one of the three PEEBO AI bombs created by Brianna Diggers and modeled after her sister, Gina Diggers. PEEGI is best described as....TOO curious.

Shoutmon X7

Read as Shoutmon Cross Seven. A fusion digimon born from the fusion of Sparrowmon, OmegaShoutmon, ZeekGreymon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon,Starmon and Pickmon.

Striker X3752

Striker X3752 is Kugel's Machine Caliber.

Vehicle Voltron

The 2nd Voltron that is composed of a number of different vehicles, 15 to be exact. It can only remain fully assembled for 5 minute periods of time due to the extreme amount of power it uses.


Voltron is the super robot that is formed by combining the five robotic lions and piloted by the Voltron Force.

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