Me, Shouko and Kisaragi Grand Park

Me, Shouko and Kisaragi Grand Park is an anime episode of Baka and Test -- Summon the Beast that was released on 02/18/2010
Yuuji is startled to wake up and find Shouko in his room. Shouko informs him that she got a "special ticket" to Kisaragi Grand Park, and that the two of them are going together on that day. Yuuji calls up Akihisa and yells at him for giving away the ticket that he won (back in Ep #5). Even so, the two of them head to the park, where they are welcomed by two familiar-looking greeters. Yuuji immediately notices that the greeters are Akihisa and Hideyoshi wearing masks, and calls up each of their cell phones just to prove it. Akihisa answers his, and Hideyoshi "accidentally" throws his into a nearby fountain as it rings.
After a picture, they are escorted to a haunted house, where they are greeted by a yellow fox mascot. Yuuji immediately recognizes the voice as Mizuki Himeji, and to mess with her he feeds her a rumor that Akihisa is seeing an older woman. Mizuki grows jealous, and when Akihisa shows up in a blue fox costume (with the head put on backwards) she immediately calls Minami Shimada about the rumor, who then dropkicks Akihisa in the face while wearing an orange fox costume. Finally, Yuuji and Shouko stroll through the haunted house, but instead of the usual sights and sounds, the soundtrack is an edited clip of Yuuji planning to cheat on Shouko. A plethora of weapons suddenly drop from the ceiling within Shouko's reach.
After that, Yuuji and Shouko make it into a ballroom where they are given a quiz before the "mock wedding" of the two is to be held. Yuuji desperately tries to get the answers wrong, but Akihisa and his friends have rigged it so that they can't lose. Shouko then shows up to the mock wedding in a full bridal dress, saying that it's been her dream to become Yuuji's bride. But then the ceremony is interrupted when a different couple interrupts the wedding and jeers at Shouko, causing her to flee in embarassment.
At the end, Yuuji confronts the rude couple (off-screen), then apologizes to Shouko for the event.

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