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Humankind leaves Earth behind and spreads out among the stars. On the distant world of Jerra, a group of rebels called the Nexrum begin a war of attrition, demanding that Jerra split from Earth's authority and seek its own independence. In the bloody war that ensues, the military devises a series of genetically enhanced superwarriors, the Most Dangerous Soldiers. Combined with their powerful armored exoskeletons, they are unstoppable. For reasons that aren't terribly clear, one particular Most Dangerous Soldier is imprisoned on a satellite, even though the war is still raging. An indeterminate number of years later, he falls back to the surface into a ravaged postapocalyptic wasteland. After killing the leader of a biker gang, Geist (for it is he) decides to lead his new followers to save a beleaguered mobile fortress, which is coincidentally commanded by his old boss, Colonel Krups. The assassination of the president activates a Doomsday machine called Death Force, and the soldiers are on a mission to stop it, lest the world be overrun with legions of robot berserkers. Geist signs up for the final assault, lots of people get killed, and then there's an ending with several twists in it, the last of which makes the whole race-against-time of the previous hour utterly pointless.

With 1980s fashions, squealing guitar music, and simplistic postholocaust bikers-in-a-desert, Geist is a product of the era that gave us Mad Max, Fist of the North Star, and Violence Jack. And there it might have stayed were it not for the U.S. company Central Park Media, which uses Geist in its corporate logo, throwing money at the Japanese to blow the dust off this 1986 stinker and produce the previously canceled Death Force sequel (1996)-today, these two awful offerings are most likely to be found conjoined in a full-length "director's cut."

MD Geist is cheap and nasty, featuring some of the world's most halfhearted dialogue and plotting, including a seduction scene where a female character strips solely for the benefit of the camera-not even Geist can be bothered to watch her. The plot is riddled with holes. Why is Krups still alive when Geist returns from suspended animation? Why hasn't the supposedly oppressive Earth government sent reinforcements? Why is Death Force triggered by so inconsequential an event as the death of a president when the world has already been nuked almost to oblivion? There are tiny moments of interest, including a pastiche of Easy Rider (1969) when Geist destroys a pocket watch. There are the vaguest hints of subtlety as Krups and Geist duel for the men's respect; Krups by giving them halfhearted pep talks (though that could be the dub, of course), while Geist just "is" the ultimate warrior. And Jason Beck, who plays Geist in the U.S. dub, has a great voice. But these virtues are few and far between in an anime that, despite some respected names in the credits, is one of the medium's more brain-dead offerings. It was, however, the first time that U.S. interest and money resulted in the commissioning of a sequel to an anime video. LNV

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Koichi Ohata Director A Man Synonymous with MD Geist and Genocyber
Hayato Ikeda Director
Tsuneo Ninomiya Character Artist/Designer

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General Information Edit
Name: MD Geist
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1986
Name: 装鬼兵MDガイスト
Romaji: Sokihei MD Geist
Release Date: May 21, 1986
Rating: None
Runtime: 91 (mins)
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Aliases Armored Devil-Soldier MD Geist
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