May I Call You "Brother?"

May I Call You "Brother?" is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 11/09/2012

Kaito and Junna set out to investigate the strange "ghost" that Kaito caught a glimpse of... but only succeed in discovering more mysteries.


Plot Summary

Kaito is not so subtle
Kaito is not so subtle

Kaito thinks back to the mysterious girl he sees as he reads a message. When two girls talk about a mysterious ghost in Uchugaoka park, Kaito eavesdrop on the two girls. Junna texts Kaito about the rumors in the park. Akiho tells Kaito about a newspaper interview, and Kaito declines. He teases her about the prospects of getting a sponsor if Akiho does a god interview. Over at the park, Junna and Kaito use their devices to find the ghost. Junna reveals him a buzzer sounds from Russia, and she thinks the ionosphere research is related to this case. Though, Junna thinks ghosts and the occults are separate from the research. As they walk around, Kaito scares Junna, Kaito informs Junna that the girl she had described fits the description of the girl he saw. Junna asks Kaito to go with her to a Chikura cave. Then when Kaito asks her to stop by the hangar, Junna starts to say something about robots. Though, she gets interrupted by Kaito who agrees to go with her to a cave. Over at the hangar, Akiho gives the interview, and when Subaru arrives, the men recognize the M45 he is holding. To stop them from thinking he is Mr. Pleidades, Subaru makes up a lie that he is an assistant.

Junna gets scared
Junna gets scared

By the shoreline, Junna and Kaito finds a dead whale, and Kaito starts to talk about the major weather disasters hitting around the world. Kaito asks Junna if she wants to do some karate. Junna declines and states that she is not good at it. Kaito asks Junna to join his club, and Junna states she is a last year. Picking that up, Kaito states they are last year students. Junna tells Kaito that she would love to meet Akiho. Over at the hangar, Akiho tells Mr. Pleiades to go home. Back at the Akiho's home, Akiho explains to Kaito that the interview went so-so, Subaru won't support her, and Sumio is unimpressed with Akiho's hobby robot. Once Kaito gets Akiho interested about the rumors, Akiho tries to dodge it and says she does not care about if Akiho and Junna are on a date. Kaito gets Akiho interested, and Akiho attacks him in frustration. At night, Kaito receives a message from the girl, and he looks around. He got scared at the same mannequin's head that scared Junna earlier.

Airi, an A.I.
Airi, an A.I.

Looking around the school via his device, Kaito goes into the dark building. He finds a message that asks for a password, and a voice named Airi tells Kaito that she knows the password. Kaito finds the girl on his phone. Airi asks Kaito if she can call him, "Oniichan." Kaito is surprised that Airi knows his name, and Airi asks him to tap her forehead to active Geji mode. Geji explains to Kaito about Airi's origins. Geji states that Kaito was their target, and that he responded three times during their 29 attempts to contact him. Kaito registers his nickname, and Geji tells him the password is "Hidden Hand." It gives him access to Kimijima report #1. He reads Kijima's message about someone trying to kill him to cover up a case. NASA organized a huge propaganda to denounce his ideas that sun was on the verge of implosion. He states that the solar storms will have devastating effects. Over at Mizuka's store, Kaito tells Junna what he had learned, and he thinks back to the years: 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2020, the time when the auroras that appear in Japan. When Kaito tells Mizuka that he dig up stuff about Kou Kimijima, Mizuka drops her stick in shock. She asks Kaito where he heard about Kimijima.

Meanwhile, Toshiyuki receives a report from Misaki about Kaito, a victim of the Anemone Incident.

Points of Interest

  • 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2020 are years when auroras appeared in Japan.


  • Japanese Name: "Onii-chan tte Yonde Ii desu ka?" (お兄ちゃんって呼んでいいですか?)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Zwei "Junjō Spectra"
fumika "Umikaze no Brave"


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