May I Call You Big Brother?

May I Call You Big Brother? is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 07/16/2011

St. Ishiyama Arc

May I Called You Big Brother? - Aniki to Yonde mo Iidesu ka (アニキと呼んでもいいですか)

After Kazuya meets Hilda, he gets Oga and Furuichi to accept him. At school, the counselor warns Oga and Aoi that they will be expel if they cause trouble, and he tells Oga and Aoi to keep their classmates in line. Despite Kazuya's help in doing chores at Oga's home, Oga finally agrees to train him.

As Kazuya begins to walk home, his two classmates tell him that Azusa and a big, shaved man were walking together. Fearing that the skinheads are attacking Azusa, Kazuya heads off with Oga and Furuichi following him. However, it is all a big misunderstanding. It turns out Azusa is helping the man deliver potato to Aoi's grandfather. On the way home, Azusa tells Kazuya that he got brave.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Hey!!!" by FLOW

Hilda Good bye!
Hilda Good bye!

Kazuya approaches Oga's home with thoughts of what Oga will teach him. Upon arriving at the house, he notices the house is normal which his original interpretation of Oga's house is a haunted house. After ringing the doorbell, he greets Hilda politely. As he introduces himself as sworn little brother of Oga, Hilda is impressed by him. Hilda compliments Oga for moving up in the world. She bids them to have a lovely day. Kazuya congratulates Oga for having a beautiful foreigner for a wife, yet Oga (Beelzebub) try to shoo him away.

Oga smiles
Oga smiles

Oga asks Kazuya about his age, and once Oga realizes they are the same age, he states that he cannot be his older brother. When Kazuya tells Oga that he wants to become stronger and begs to call him stronger brother out of respect, Oga happily alows him. At the train station, Kazuya addresses Furuichi with "san" and calls him handsome with a sharp mind due to the rumors of his tactician status. Furuichi, who doubts him, tells Oga that he is happy to have Kazuya here.

Kazu wants to be like Oga
Kazu wants to be like Oga

At school, Kazuya talks with his childhood friend, Azusa. Recalling the electric shock, Kazuya tells her that he wants to be strong. Hearing Kazuya's wish, Azusa refers to Gohan's quote about strength and that strength comes from love and croquets. Kazuya observes Oga and Furuichi eating croquets, and he asks them to train him since learning is hands on. Suddenly, Aoi asks Oga to go out with him much to everyone's surprise. Furuichi thinks everyone acts like elementary students. Aoi and Oga head over to the guidance counselor.

She's my childhood friend
She's my childhood friend

At counselor's room, he reports that the two attack the students from Tecmo Tech and that he will expel them if they keep acting this way. He talks about Ishiyama Reform Project, and before the meeting is over, the counselor informs them to keep everyone in line due to their leadership status. Exiting the room, Aoi daydreams Oga and her spending time together. After Oga leaves, Kazuya and Azusa thank Aoi for saving them yesterday. Aoi notices Azusa's behavior and thinks how she can act like that towards a boy. Aoi wants Azusa to come with her.

At Oga's house, Kazuya cleans the floor with a loud roar while Oga and Beelzebub watch Gohan on television. After finishing his task, Kazuya asks Oga if he can take care of Beelzebub. However, Beelzebub shakes his head no as he watches his cartoon show. Then Kazuya asks Oga's mother to help cook the croquets. Oga calls him a pest, but Hilda states that he is a sworn little brother to him. When Oga's father arrives home, Kazuya introduces himself as Oga's little brother. This causes Oga's father to misunderstand and wonder who is the father of Kazuya.

At Aoi's shrine (home), Aoi asks Azusa if they always walk home together. Azusa replies not always even though they live in the same neighborhood. Aoi asks her if they are dating much to Azusa's confusion. Then Azusa thinks Aoi has a crush on Kazuya which causes Aoi to go crazy. Yet, Azusa states she knows Aoi likes Oga. She heads over to the shrine to toss a coin, and she prays for Kazuya to get stronger.

The following day at school, Oga eats his croquet with Kazuya imitating his eating habits. Furuichi's classmates ask Furuichi if he is okay with this new thing. Kazuya states that he makes the meal with Oga's mom's help. He asks Oga to teach him the secret move, and Oga tells him to meet him back of the gymnasium. Outside of school, a big man wonders around, and his presence scares the students. During training, Oga has Kazuya cross his arm and yell "Jowa!" With Beelzebub on Furuichi's face, Beelzebub cries and unleashes a voltage which makes Kazuya think he learned the move.

As Kazuya exits the school, his two classmates inform him that a shaved man kidnap Azusa. He rushes to save Azusa and finds them heading toward Aoi's shrine. In front of the shrine, Kazuya tells Azusa to get away. The big man reacts; Kazuya does his "Jowa" stance. The big man screams out loud while Kazuya's face sweats. Oga and Furuichi watch them. Kazuya decides to charge at the big man, yet he misses. He tells Oga that he can defeat the big man.

Suddenly, Aoi stops them fighting. After Oga and Furuichi notices Aoi, the big man hands his "potato" to her (to give to her grandpa). Aoi gets embarrassed when she notices Oga is here. As Kazuya and Azusa walk down the stairs, Kazuya apologizes to her for his misunderstandment. Azusa tells him that her wish did not come true, but she tells him that he was cool.

Ending Theme

"Nanairo Namida" by Tomato n' Pine

Points of Interests

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, during the train scene, Kazuya tells Oga about the 6 Holy Knights. Compared to the anime, the story takes a different turn and delays the plot a bit.
  • The scenes with Kazuya training and the confrontation of Aoi's grandfather's friend at Aoi's temple home did not occur in the manga.

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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