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Maximals is a anime/manga concept
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A Maximal security officer who fought Dinobot during the theft of the golden disc


A Heroic female Maximal, who transforms into a hawk.


Apache is second in command of the Maximals in Beast Wars II, he transforms into a baboon

Big Convoy

Big Convoy is a Maximal General and yet another possible reincarnation of Convoy (Optimus Prime). He reluctantly leads a group of Maximals to discover the fate of Lio Convoy (Leo Prime)Appears in Beast Wars Neo


Maximal from Beast Wars II who transforms into a bull


Leader of the Maximal Insectrons


Once a Predacon Blackarachnia switched sides to the Maximals to help fight against Megatron.


A Maximal scientist who is able to turn into a plant.


Maximal who is small in stature but big on bravery


A member of the Maximals and a scientist


Young member of the Maximals, transforms into a Cheetah.


Maximal from Beast Wars Neo. Transforms into a cobra.


Oldest of the Jointron Brothers

Depth Charge

A heroic Maximal who seeks to destroy Rampage in retribution for the mass murder Rampage commited in his colony


A Predicon and a Maximal from the "Beast Wars. Dinobot was a warrior ruled by honor that transformed into a Velociraptor.


Member of the Maximals who transforms into a frog


Leader of the Blendtrons. Like the other Blendtrons he is a creation of Unicron.


Youngest of the Jointron Brothers

Great Convoy

Member of the Convoy Council on Cybertron in Beast Wars Neo

High Beam

Built on Earth by humans, High Beam joined the Autobots, he later moved to Cybertron and eventually joined the Maximals. He was last seen being shot, and possibly killed by Dinobot


Ikard is a Maximal and a relative of Scuba

Leo Junior

The son of Leo Prime

Leo Prime

Leader of the Maximals from Beast Wars II. He transforms into a white lion. Leo Prime (or Lio Convoy) is the reincarnation of Optimus Prime


A Maximal from Beast Wars Neo (also an Autobot in Transformers Cybertron who made a couple minor appearances)


Leader of the Predacons in Beast Wars Neo, also mentioned as being a Maximal in the expanded universe of the Beast Machines series, this is likely due to the fact that the Predacons and Maximals made peace in Beast Wars Neo fighting Unicron and only Megatron still wanted war.


An Insectron transformer


A robot who transforms into a rabbit and a friend of Artemis


Middle sibling of the Jointron Brothers


Sentient Maximal super-computer who is housed in a small android body. He works with Big Convoy's team.


Female Maximal super-computer, NAVI-chan functions as the AI for Leo Prime's starship.


A survivor or Megatrons conquest of Cybertron. He was reformated as a bat and met the maximals. Soon after he became technorganic and joined in their fight.


A truly organic transformer. He was created by accident when the Maximals fought Megatron.

Optimus Primal

The leader of the Maximals and one of the Maximal descendants of the Autobots.


A Maximal Insectron from Beast Wars II


Randy is a member of the Maximals from Beast Wars Neo who transforms into a warthog.


A sarcastic, irreverent, and rude Maximal who prefers to sneak around out of harms way. He's also not too forgiving.


A member of the Maximals.


Once part of the unstoppable duo along with Big Convoy, Rockbuster went solo, but later rejoined his ex-partner to battle Magmatron and the Predacons.

Scissor Boy

Youngest of the Insectrons


Member of the Maximals who transforms into a squid


The leader of the Autobot Aerialbots. While in Beast Wars Silverbolt is a fuzor that is a cross between a wolf and a eagle. He was tricked into joining the Predacons but later sided with the maximals. He became close with Blackarachnia and eventually became a couple.


An often cowardly member of the Maximals

Star Upper

A member of the Maximals, competes as a boxer. His beast-mode is a Kangaroo.


A member of the Maximals. One of the Maximals who tried to prevent Megatron and his Predacons from stealing the Golden Disc


A Maximal who arrived on the scene of the Golden Disc heist only to fall prey to Dinobot

Tasmania Kid

The youngest member of the Maximals from Beast Wars II


A heroic Maximal who transforms into a white tiger


Tigerhawk was created by the Vok who merged the bodies and inert sparks of Airazor and Tigatron into a single being


A giant Transformer formed when DJ, Motorarm, and Gimlet combine

Vector Sigma

An ancient sentient super-computer, it is the emissary of Primus, and a parent of sorts of Unicron

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