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The Big Finale "i'm satisfied" Reviewed by animebookworm7 on April 26, 2012. animebookworm7 has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for We Were There. 3 out of 4 users recommend his reviews.

before i start about the big finale i would just like to just a few things

Recently there has been a lot of hate towards mawaru penguindrum but i really don't get it, most say that it's great right up to the 15 episode and then its like and i quote " they put a gun to the head of all the characters and force them to say the lines " I'd like to point out that this series is all about changing fate choosing destiny and make the right and wrong choices so why do people keep say that the characters are different more and more towards the end!

'i mean dude!!!! i admit it they do change through the series but half of the episodes after 15 are flashbacks and then the other have is going after the survival strategy ( which is the plot of the whole anime ) so anyone who doesn't like this anime just don't watch and DON"T comment because then people get the wrong idea when actually its a great anime.

and know to the finale.

The ending

the big finale starts in episode 23 and continues to episode 24 and the basically you cant watch either without the other

This first episodes consists of himari , shouma and kanba finally finding there way shouma realizes that he must save kanba and goes to limit to save the family he made and forced together form the very beginning

episode 23 ended on very high note that left us thinking what is shouma gonna do usually shouma is the kind of character that is always smiling and is always helping in a way but also is avoiding the way to save the family most directly

he is becomes the main characters is this ending and even though he was shot down literally save the world

every episode of this series has at most 5 motives in this episode the motives are

"You found me", "being a child that found happiness" and finally "most can never escape the box called 'self'

Finally in episode 24

the motives were very simple they finally realized their path and they made it

there destination was never to live or to have the perfect destiny it was basically unanswered question that need some closure, ok i agree it's not that great of an ending and the plot revolves around questions and fate but that what makes it worth watching you want to know what happens next and do they find their way so it's kind of a let down that they don't find there way, but if you ask me the story and on a very nostalgic tone that leaves you thinking about the ending even though you know it has ended and there is nothing after this

the motives for thins episode are

" lets go home", "living is a punishment that delivers it's self in small doses" " please come back to me" "it was fun"

but the best phrases were " love and punishment is our fate lets share it" "lets share the fruit of fate" and " i will never forget you"

like i said it ends with answered and no general happy ending , the only reason why this anime didn't get the praise it should is probably because the ending was so off key and had no real happily ever after just closure to seal the beginning to the end which still isn't quite what the audience wanted.

but the good points were defiantly the comedy the motives through out the anime and the constant closure that gets you every time with a happy and satisfied feeling whether its happy or sad. so to sum it up the ending was very satisfying and defiantly not regrettable right to the end.

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