Mawaru Penguindrum

Mawaru Penguindrum is an anime series
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Kanba and Shouma Takakura find their sister Himari alive thanks to a strange entity within her new penguin hat. However, her extended lease on life comes with a price.


An original series from Kunihiko Ikuhara, Creator and Director of Revolutionary Girl Utena, and director (among other things) of the Sailor Moon series, with original charater design by prolific shoujo and yaoi artist Lily Oshino and animation character design by Terumi Nishii. Produced by Brain's Base.



Mawaru Penguindrum (or "Rolling Penguin Drum") is a weird, experimental, magical girl-type show by Ikuhara. The Takakura trio--consisting of brothers Kanba and Shoma, and their sister Himari--live in crippling poverty and have the threat hanging over their heads that Himari doesn't have much longer to live. One day, after a trip to the aquarium, Himari finally collapses dead on the floor. Just as the brothers grieve over their loss, Himari suddenly comes back to life.

Now the Takakuras have their sister again, alive and well. However, the same entity that gave Himari her life tells them her price: she wants the family to get her the "Penguin Drum." What is this object? What is the story behind the strange penguins that only their family can see? And what does the highly-animated transformation sequence have to do with anything?


Opening Theme

#Song TitleCredit/PerformerEpisodes
Opening 1"Nornir"Etsuko Yakushimaru and the Metropolitan Orchestra1-14
Opening 2"Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere (Boy, Return to Me) "Etsuko Yakushimaru and the Metropolitan Orchestra14-23

Ending Theme

#Song TitleCredit/PerformerEpisodes
Ending 1"DEAR FUTURE"coaltar of the deepers1-9, 11-12
Ending 2"DEAR FUTURE"coaltar of the deepers feat. Yui Horie10
Ending 3"Ash-Gray Wednesday"Triple H13 15 18
Ending 4"Bad News Kuroi Yokan"Triple H14 17
Ending 5"Ikare chimattaze!!"Triple H16
Ending 6"HIDE and SEEK"Triple H19
Ending 7"Private Girl"Triple H20
Ending 8"Tamashii Kogashite (Burn the Soul)"Triple H21
Ending 9"Ashita no Kageri no Naka de"Triple H22
Ending 10"HEROES ~Eiyuu Tachi"Triple H23

Cast and Voice actors

CharactersVoice actors
Takakura, Shouma
Kimura, Ryohei

Jeon, Gwang ju
Takakura, Kanba
Kimura, Subaru

Choi, Won Hyeong
Takakura, Himari
Arakawa, Miho

Lee, Ji Yeong
Oginome, Ringo
Miyake, Marie

Lee, Hyeon Jin

Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name Mawaru Penguindrum
Name: 輪るピングドラム
Publisher Sentai Filmworks
Start Year 2011
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