Matsurika Shinoji

Matsurika Shinoji is a anime/manga character in the Maria Holic franchise
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Matsurika Shinōji is the calm and quiet maid who is always by the side of Mariya Shidō. Often times she is less of an assistant and more an accomplice.


A student of Ame no Kisaki class 1-A, Matsurika is a constant attendant of Mariya Shidō. It's unknown how long they have been together, but she has been seen when Mariya was very young. She knows of Mariya's secret identity as a male in an all girl's Catholic school, Ame no Kisaki. She is his closest friend, accomplice, and the only one who can openly mock him without reprisal. Both seem to enjoy teasing Kanako Miyamae.


Maria Holic Vol. 1 JPN (Feb 2007)
Maria Holic Vol. 1 JPN (Feb 2007)

The character of Matsurika Shinōji is a lead character of the manga/anime series Maria Holic that was created by Minari Endoh. The series first began serialization in Monthly Comic Alive on June 27, 2006.

Her first appearance was in Maria Holic Volume 1 CH. 1 " Girl Meets Boy(?) Story", and her first anime appearance was in Maria Holic - Episode 1 "A Flirtatious Kiss". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Marina Inoue. Though the U.S. company Section 23 licensed the series for North America, they only released the series on DVD with subtitles and no dubbed English voice.

Character Evolution

Matsurika Shinoji character sheet
Matsurika Shinoji character sheet

Matsuriika is the only person who can seem to talk back to Mariya and often mocks some of his actions. Appropriately mocking him as a cross dresser. She also seems to have the ability to read Mariya's mind. She is most likely the only real friend of Mariya. He tends to consult her for her thoughts on some of his plans for people. They attend classes together and are the highest ranked student in their grade. Matsurika almost never shows any emotion, and is always dressed in her maid's clothes, unless during swim lessons. During the summer swim classes she wears a white school swim suit. Unknown what she wears for PE classes.

Hair Color: Gray (long, curled pigtails)

Eye Color: Yellow

Clothes: Maid clothes, wooden platform heels

Quirks: Stoic expressions

She often seems to work as Mariya's emotional center. Questioning him about his relationships with his twin sister, Shizu; and his elder cousin, Ayari.

Major Story Arcs

Matsurika Shinoji meets Kanako
Matsurika Shinoji meets Kanako

When Kanako discovered Matsurika dressing Mariya, she played the victim in Mariya's plan to blackmail Kanako for her silence. Mariya had ripped open her dress to expose her bra and breasts. She tends to tease and order Kanako around. When Kanako realized that Matsurika was a student in Ame no Kisaki she tried to demand some respect from as an upperclassmen, but this only caused Matsurika to giggle, to which Mariya showed great shock. Though in front of other students both Mariya and Matsurika play their role as underclassmen to Kanako.

Once, with no provocation from Mariya, she struck an unsuspecting Kanako with a basketball. When asked she told Mariya she felt the need to fix an error before it reached the point of no return.

When Ayari's dress accidentally ripped open, in the front, exposing her breasts to the festival crowd. Matsurika covered Ayari. Though what seemed like a generous action took a twist when she made Ayari understand just how embarrassing her exposure was, commenting on how it's not as if she was a child, but her large lumps of flesh, that are her breasts, were shown to everyone present. Ayari ran away, cursing Mariya; and locked herself in a room. This had shattered the near reconciliation between Mariya and Ayari.

Powers & Abilities


She seems to have the ability to read Mariya's mind, and the two communicate through telepathy at times.


  • Though she is always with Mariya. It's unknown where she sleeps since there are only two beds in the dorm room Mariya shares with Kanako.
  • Matsurika has been shown with Mariya as a young child, but it is never explained when they first met.
  • During Episode 11 of the anime, "Offerings to God" (Kami e no Kumotsu), Matsurika breaks the forth wall, with Mariya; and comments on the notes that had been appearing throughout the whole episode saying, "It's like a bad episode of Ghost in the Shell.", another anime series.

Other Media


During the scene of the anime in Episode 1, "A Mischievous Kiss" (Tawamure no Seppun); during the scene where Mariya rips open the front of Matsurika's dress. The manga actually showed an expression of shock to the normally expressionless Matsurika. The anime version of this scene shows a blacked silhouette and you can't see her face.

Beginning in April of 2011, a second anime was based upon the Maria Holic story. This series was titled, Maria Holic: Alive (2011).

Drama CD

Maria Holic Drama CD (2008)
Maria Holic Drama CD (2008)

A drama CD produced by Frontier Works was released on July 25, 2008, and a. drama CD was also bundled with the limited edition of volume five of the manga.

Voiced by
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Marina Inoue
General Information Edit
Name: Matsurika Shinoji
Name: 汐王寺 茉莉花
Romanji: Shinouji Matsurika
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Maria Holic #1
1st anime episode: Maria Holic #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Matsurika Shinouji
Matsurika Shinōji
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