Matilda Matisse

Matilda Matisse is a anime/manga character in the Shaman King franchise
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She is a member of the team "Hana-gumi" (flower), one of Hao's followers.


     She is a strong believer in Hao's strength when she roots for Hao in his match with team X-III. (to herself in front of the tv). Unlike her teammates, Matilda is very eager to assist Hao no matter how boring or easy a job is. Her past is like her teammates and Lilly Five because people persecuted them due to their shamanic abilities. Matilda and her best friends were call witches and are cast out from society. She serves Hao to embrace his dream of a shaman only world.


Matilda Matisse, who is created by Hiroyuki Takei, has no current information on what inspires the author to create her.

Story Arcs

Journey to America for a period of 3 months (Patch Tribe's Test)

 She and her team Hana Gumi have several cameos whenever Hao and his followers appear. She has no role in this arc.

Back at Tokyo for the First Tournament Event

     Team Hana Gumi fights T-Production on match four of day 2 of the Shaman King fights. When Marion calls this match boring, Matilda tells her that the team was too weak. (vol. 16)
     Matilda and her team participate in a soul hunt where they face Mikihisa's teammates, Redseb and Salerm. Matilda seems awe after Pailong deflects Marion's Chuck and when Anna with her friends appear. Matilda sees Kanna's Ashcroft get some action first with Jun Tao's zombie puppet, Pailong. After Ashcroft's armor is in heaps, Anna and Kanna have some argument. Matilda helps Kanna by insulting Anna's husband Yoh. Although Anna's mana scares Matilda, Matilda attack her with her oversoul Jack the Ripper. However, Matilda's pumpkin gets shot by Tamao's Love Strike. Ponchi and Conchi appears and start trash talking Matilda's team until Kanna stomp shuts them up. Matilda tells Tamao that she is a sweet girl, but she tells her that her spirits are dorks. After Anna leaves, Matilda gets eager to Matilda's Jack the Ripper has Conchi's tail and stabs it with a kunai. After Kanna's Ashcroft has some fights with Pailong, Matilda joins in with Marion to pop Tamao's bubble. Team Hana Gumi finishes off Pailong. When Kanna prepares to leave, Marion goes on a rant and wants to kill Tamao and Jun Tao. Matilda agrees with Marion and explains that she is completely devoted to Hao's cause which change Kanna's mind. As Matilda and the team tries to finish off Tamao and Jun Tao, Mikihisa shows up and vanquishes their attacks.
     At first, Matilda is not interest in Mikihisa, and her team tries to beat up the flasher. Mikihisa slaps Matilda and her team. Matilda tries to attack him again, and Mikihisa stops her with a pat on the back. Matilda hears Mikihisa telling her that he will be her new daddy. After Mikihisa slaps Matilda's enemies, Matilda gets angry with his statement of making them feel safe. Matilda and her team charge at Mikihisa, but he stops them with no force. Magna appears and takes Matilda and her team with him.

Oversoul and Spirit Medium

Her oversoul is called "Jack the Ripper," and Matilda's spirit medium is a pumpkin doll. 
Technique names
  • Getter Getter Muingetter! Oversoul Jack the Ripper! Trick or Treat!
General Information Edit
Name: Matilda Matisse
Name: マチルダ・マティス
Romanji: machiruda matisu
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Shaman King #9
1st anime episode: Shaman King #25
1st anime movie:
Aliases Macchi
Matilda Mathis
Matilda the Wudumaer
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