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Master of Martial Hearts is an anime series in the Master of Martial Hearts franchise
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should i go with the obvious pun, naaa make up your own. Reviewed by gamebelongtous on June 10, 2011. gamebelongtous has written 13 reviews. His/her last review was for Mask of change. 24 out of 28 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 4 users found this review helpful.

Fan service, The old hunted grandma of the anime scene. You think shes long gone, but suddenly out of the blue she appears, tights round her ankles and breasts round her knees. Shes your family, and yes you love her still, but shes also an embarrassment.

Now I’ve never been a fan of anime fan service, it doesnt serve me, clothes falling off for next to no reason is no interest.  It’s not what i like to watch, maybe I’ve just matured beyond the right mindset for the stuff. Its always been like gore though, 5 seconds of it and its entirely lost its effect.

“oh, there they go again, tits out flapping around the place”. Also it always seems that its hand in hand with the girls involved being beaten. I’m not sure i want to live in a world that sees women as needing to be bloody and nude at the same time.

Anyway now you know my feelings on it you can pretty much see where I’m likely to fall on the show. Yes its fan service, the story revolving around a tournament  involving girls fighting girls to obtain a strange gem that can grant wishes. All pretty slushy and grind-house.

But… this is fan service which pulls a fast one on you.


So ok the story is pretty much the same old thing. Two friends happen upon a fight between two of the combatants in the tournament, one of the girls gets herself involved protecting her friend And finds herself also in the tournament. for 4 episodes we see her overcome obstacles to solve the mystery of a missing person and the tournament it self.

These first 4 episodes are smulchy cheesy and stereotyped, there’s a range of different people fought. A tomboy, a maid, triplets (all dressed as different objects of male fantasy) and so on. The action is simple and puddle deep. the animation is cheap but acceptable and the show, while feeling over long some episodes, still rolls along at a fair pace.

Then the last episode hits and everything ups. The problem with the shows overall content and apparent selling points is it distracts from what is a quietly hidden away story. A missing friend, a possible dark organisation and a family tied together by a mute mother are all prevalent but never tightly focused on…. until the shocking last episode. Suddenly the story bursts into dark reality and multiple twists are presented all at once.

The writing and dark turn this episode takes save the entire series but also doom it by taking place so very late in its run. The danger being that the viewers put off by the simple and non-involved show before this will not be around to view it. The bigger surprise is the commentary on the treatment of women in this last episode. Almost acting as a complex trap. the first 4 episodes having snared in a number of shallow men in order to show them a dark reflection of themselves.

I still didnt like the show as a whole  but to see it take a daring chance is quite refreshing.

The show at the end of the day is a cut price slab of simple and shallow fun, with a dark and deep heart at its core.

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