Master of Martial Hearts

Master of Martial Hearts is an anime series in the Master of Martial Hearts franchise
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Master of Martial Hearts is a five episodes OVA series. Any wish can be granted with the magical gem, the Platonic Heart; but it must be earned through combat.

The series called Master of Martial Hearts is a five episode OVA(Original Video Animation) series. Originally created by ARMS. Each episode was marketed directly to the market and were sold in one month intervals in Japan. It was this direct marketing that allowed the series to contain such a large amount of fanservice and nudity.
On January 7, 2010, the FUNimation company announced they had aquried the licensing rights to Master of Martial Hearts. Release date was set to August 10, 2010.

Character Design

The design of the female characters of Master of Martial Hearts encapsulated many of the most popular fetish cosplays in Japan. The only one missing is the popular Bunny Girl cosplay. With the exception of the Student theme, the rest work in some form of the service industry.
Cosplay Themes:
  • School Girl
  • Shrine Maiden - (miko)
  • Secretary
  • Airplane Stewardess
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Maid
  • Police Officer
  • Chinese Dress
  • Kimono

Theme Songs

Opening Theme-
"Tatsumaki Wave" ( タツマキWAVE ) by Little Non

Produced by ARMS
Licensed by FUNimation
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Yoshitaka Fujimoto

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Original US Poster Art

General Information Edit
Name Master of Martial Hearts
Name: 絶対衝激〜プラトニックハート〜
Romaji: Zettai Shougeki〜puratoniku haato〜
Publisher FUNimation
Start Year 2008
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Aliases Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~
Zettai Shogeki ~Platonic Heart~
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