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Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru Chiba is one of the main characters in the anime/manga/live-action Sailor Moon. He is also Tuxedo Kamen in the series, and helps supports the Sailor Scouts by either quickly interfering with the enemy causing them confusion or physically helping them out in a fight.


Maunburuten is a member of the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates. He tried to impersonate Sogeking.


Menma is the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze from an alternate dimension. He is an evil version of Naruto and possibly secondary antagonist in Naruto Road to Ninja.

Mermaid Thetis

A servant of Poseidon and one of his assistants to his generals.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight is Kirby's rival and at times friend. Like Kirby Meta Knight is a Star Warrior but of an older generation before Kirby's time. Although he sometimes seems a villain, he is shown to be a hero even more

Michael Morningstar

A rogue plumber kid in the Ben 10 series

Michelle Neuhaus

She is the wife of Igor in the anime version of Blue Exorcist.

Miki Aoi

Darkness Aoi is a female wrestler who is seeking challenges. Her name is infamous as she is scorned by people such as of the Sumeragi family.


Milk is the fourth of the adepts and a qwaser with mastery of hydrogen.


The granddaughter of the Oni Village chief.

Moonlight Mask

Japan`s first television superhero moonlight Mask has not only been the main inspiration for many later Tokusatsu series but also for Tuxedo Mask`s (Sailor Moon) Moonlight Knight


Mubi is a ninja from the Hidden Rain Village who took part in the Chunin Exams.

Mutou Ryuuji

Mutou Ryuuji is a strong infamous, in his university, young man and a member of the second Karate club. After seeing how weak Kohinata is and can't even protect his girlfriend, he become so disgusted and dragged him to the world of Karate to make him more manly.


An evil Ultimate level Digimon who wants to take over the real and digital worlds.


Previously an S-class mage of the Fairy Tail guild and one of their most powerful members. He now serves as the king of Edolas.


The new likely successor to L. His mind is sharp and he easily trumps his rival Mello.


Perhaps one of the most powerful choujin alive, Neptuneman started out as Quarrelman until he met a god and became virtually unstoppable.


Noi forms a team with Shin and is cousin with En. Her magic power heals injuries.

Nurse Ruko Tatase

She is Doctor Tuaro Ogenki's eager and "talented" nurse at the Ogenki Clinic.

Obito Uchiha

"Tobi" is Obito Uchiha ,Kakashi's teammate and the one who gave him his Sharingan eye. He is working for Madara Uchiha and is the current leader of Akatsuki, he is the one who unleashed the nine tails on Konoha and cause of many other horrible deeds in the series.


One of the two will'o'the wisps that belong to the Mikage shrine.


Oscar is a police lieutenant serving under Inspector Koichi Zenigata.


The alter ego of Scott Ramsoomair, who is a incompetent superhero who conceals his identity by wearing trousers and sometimes underpants on his head. His weakness is vodka cooler, which causes him to drop his trousers and transform into Peter Pantsless.


A Rookie level Digimon and the partner of Takeru Takaishi. Patamon has Bat-like wings on the top of its head for flight and is able turn into Angemon.


A Mega level Digimon and leader of the Dark Masters.


One of Mr. Satan's students.

Prince Kamehame

Perhaps one of the most fluent fighters in the Kinnikuman franchise, Prince Kamehame taught Suguru Kinniku his 100 Killer Attacks.

Principal Toenail of Satan

The main villain of Kekko Kamen who is the wicked principal of the Academy. He is extremely perverted and obtains satisfaction from sexually humiliating the female student body, especially Mayumi Takahashi.


Quettion (Quecchon) is Enigman's lovely assistant who is a member of the quiz club.

Rachel Stanley

As a member of YOMI, she is the twin sister of Ethan Stanley and a practitioner of Lucha Libre. She craves attention and is nicknamed, "Castor".


A young girl able to see the near future, though she would often rather remain ignorant of that future.

Rau Le Creuset

Rau Le Creuset is an elite ZAFT commander and the head of the Le Creuset special forces team.

Red X

A mysterious anti-hero who took Robin's disguise


The sidekick of Batman. He is also the leader of the "Teen Titans" and the new Batman.

Robin Mask

An English villain-turned-hero, Robin Mask fought alongside Suguru Kinniku in his campaign for the Choujin Crown.

Ryoko Asuka

One of the quieter members of the Red Tails who often makes sarcastic comments.

Saga Gemini

A Gold Saint of the Sanctuary who wears the Gemini Cloth. He is the twin brother of Kanon.


A member of the Akatsuki who is able to control many puppets at once.

Sayo Hitsugi

Sayo Hitsugi is a member of Team Ampoule Zero. She's a nurse who processes incredible strength and specializes in heavy weaponry.

Sayoko Saeki

The sex craving succubus heroine in immorality


A Daimon that appeared in episode 96 of Sailor Moon S. She was sent after Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter).

Shaina Ophiuchus

Shaina is one of Athena's 88 Saints, she is a Silver Saint and like every female saint have to always wear a mask and if a man sees her without her mask, she has two options love him or kill him.


Shin is a former teammate of Sai and a member of Root who died during his Root training. Shin notices Sai drawing and encourages him to continue doing it so that he can get better and better at it.


Former Great Old One and the Personification of Order, Lord Death leads the DWMA training school for meisters and weapons.


A mysterious albino girl who is locked in Deadman Wonderland. She was a childhood friend of Ganta until she was forced into an experiment that caused her to become the Wretched Egg an alter ego of mass destruction thanks to Rinichiro Hagire.

Shou Azama

The main character of Akumetsu


Arch-enemy of the TMNT.


Member of the Patch Tribe, a tribe of Shaman's who craft "Oracle Bells", which are used as a kind of com-link to the gods. Silva has 5 trained animal spirits and combines them to his body to use in battle


The Skull (Man)or Black Ghost is the leader of a secret organization that creates wars and sells superweapon's (laser guns,hover vehicles, and cyborg-solders) to both sides of the war and is the archenemy of 009 Cyborg(s) heroes.

Snake Eyes

Silent ninja member of G.I. JOE, only living person who knows the death touch known as "the seventh step"

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