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Akitoshi Daimon

He is also known as Enigman who is a member of the quiz club in the Sket Dance franchise.


The rival of Desert Punk, who is depicted as an equal match for him in combat. He is renowned as a fearsome debt collector who is rumored to collect even the souls of his targets.


Amon is the enigmatic leader of The Equalists in Republic City.He is actually a waterbender and bloodbender named Noatok son of Yakone and older brother of Tarrlok.


A Spider Rider who is being controlled by the Invectid Buguese. Aqune is seen wearing a mask which contains a mind control device created by Buguese Once removed she is no longer under his control. Aqune is also Corona's sister.

Aruka Schild

Cruz's sister and secret member of Simeon's Elite Four. Has a Fragment that lets her increase the speed of molecules in the air around her, generating large amounts of heat and can make things explode by touch.

Asakura Mikihisa

Mikihisa Asakura is the father of protagonist Yoh Asakura in the manga and anime series, Shaman King. In the manga, he belonged to Team Kabbalahers together with Redseb and Seyram. He has two spirits, a tanuki and a kitsune, and the Over Souls make use of stones as their medium.

Ataru Kinniku

One of the Five Fated Princes, Ataru Kinniku was actually the long-lost brother of Suguru Kinniku and tried to help his sibling ascend to the throne of Planet Kinniku disguised as Kinnikuman Soldier, who was chosen by the God of Brutality.

Ayame Fudo

A Police Officer investigating the monster attacks around Moena's School. She also seeks to find out who Angel Blade really is.

Azami Mido

Azami Mido is one of first inmates of Deadman Wonderland that Ganta interacts with. She also becomes a part of the Forgeries.


A Ninja Digmon that was a member of the Bagura Army. Baalmon is really a double agent trying to find the one who destroyed his clan. After being nearly destroyed his Clan's Goddess revived him as Beelzebumon and became a official member of Xros Heart.

Baron Masquerade

A woman secretly disguised as a nobleman. She appears fully in G-Taste episode 3.


Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy, and philanthropist. Witnessing the death of his parents as a child, Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually and dons a bat-themed costume in order to fight crime as Batman


A member of G.I. Joe from Alabama

Beast Boy

Shape shifting member of the Teen Titans, former member of the Doom Patrol.


Bernardo is Don Diego de la Vega's foundling. He helps Zorro by eavesdropping in other people's conversations, and later develops his own alter ego, "Little Zorro".


One of Laxus's bodyguards who help him to start the battle for Fairy Tail during the Harvest festival. He has the power to control souls and place them into objects.

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Black Rose Baron

Black Rose Baron is a mysterious figure who follows Negi around. For a while he was believed to of been Negi's father, Nagi; but was actually his cousin, Nekane Springfield, in disguise.

Black Shadow

Black Shadow, who is not only Captain Falcon's nemesis, is also the main villain of F-Zero Falcon Legend. He wants to rule the universe, using the F-Zero Grand Prix as a means to fund his evil plan. His henchmen include Zoda, Miss Killer, The Skull, Octoman, and Bio Rex.


Bobbin is a member of the Big Mam Pirates.

Cebin Mendel

He is a shaman and an X-Law member who wants revenge on Hao Asakura just like all of his teammates.

Chameleon June

One of the Bronze Saints, who was trained alongside Shun on Andromeda Island under the tutelage of Cepheus Daidalos.

Char Aznable

Char Aznable is a Mobile Suit pilot for the Duchy of Zeon, and later becomes one of their leaders in the wake of the deaths of the Zabi family (at his hand).

Christian Rosenkreutz

Leader of the Rosenkreuz, his plan is bring back the Metatron to the Earth.


Clara is the true identity of the famous thief, Psiren, who uses her alchemy to commit crime. Her infamy has brought prosperity to the slowly dying town of Aquroya.

Cobra Commander

Leader of the terrorist organization COBRA. He also makes a guest star appearance in Transformers. He has been the main villain of most G.I. Joe series, and has grown only more evil and darker over the years.


Corto is a member of the Amigo Pirates and brother of Captain Largo. Both wished to join the pirate crew of Shiki, The Golden Lion.


Alien who attempted to capture Berbils in order to sell them into slave labor.

Cross Marian

Cross is a general of The Black Order who is Allen Walker's master. Cross has the unique ability to convert Akuma to do his bidding.


The head professor of the Slifer Red dormitory at Duel Academy. It is revealed that Daitokuji was a member of the Seven Stars Assassins and responsible for numerous events meant to orchestrate the revival of the Three Phantom Demons.


One of the contestants of the Arcana Famigila tournament and specializes in explosives, including his cannon.


One of the nobles in the Wolf's rain series. Darcia is the third generation of his family. Due to his grandfather's curse, Darcia is cursed with the eye of a wolf.


Daredevil is the blind hero who taught Spider-Man how to fight in the Marvel Mangaverse.

Dark Lord

Petra Fina's boss and one of the main antagonists of the series who resides in the Land of Dread. He was the one responsible for scattering the Time Shifters across time following his attack on the Land of Time. He also turned four flowers into his Great Four

Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker succumbed to the dark side of the force and was reborn as Darth Vader


A handsome swordsman that was supposed to marry Natsu, but she turned him down.


Meramon's Perfect (Ultimate) Level form.


The main villain of Teen Titans, never actually called Deathstroke in the anime, but rather just by his first name Slade.


Third in command of COBRA under Cobra Commander and Baroness.

Dixerio Maskane

Mysterious figure who experienced the world outside the Regios. He fights the Wolf Masks and appears to have a vendetta against Ignasis. Dixerio is the protagonist of the spin-off story, Regios Crusade.

Doctor Doom

Female counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality. Sister of the Black Panther of the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


The sexy villainess of the Yatterman anime series. Doronjo along with her lackeys Boyacky and Tonzura, search for the location of the Dokuro Stone under orders of her boss, Dokurobei.

Eagle Marin

Marin is one of Athena's 88 Saints. She is a Silver Saint and Seiya's teacher, and also a rival to Shaina. She is powerful and strong-willed in everything she does.


Supporting character for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and Phantom of Inferno

El Fuerte

El Fuerte is a Mexican luchador from the Street fighter series. He is also a chef

Enji Koma

Both Leader of The Devil Apes and Waiter of Anteiku, Koma is a kind and dangerous ghoul.

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is a immortal being that suffers a split personality; He is also the direct clone of proxy 1. Ergo Proxy's alter-ego is a seemingly young guy named Vincent law, a wanna-be citizen of a corrupted city. Ergo Proxy also goes by the title "Emissary Of Death".

Ernest Frederick Egin

He is Yukio and Rin's grandfather in the Blue Exorcist anime only.

Fermaus Fora

Psychokinesist of the Salinvan Guidance Mercenary Gang. Fermaus's face is covered by a metal masks and speaks through a voice synthesizer.


A member of COBRA expert of sabotage, arson and, explosives, In the Sigma Six series he was a member of G.I. JOE, but eventually betrayed the team and joined COBRA. Has most recently been seen as a psychotic pyromaniac in the series G.I. Joe Renegades.

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