Mask is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 08/28/2011


Mask - "Kamen" (假面)

When a masked person attacks Yukio and Rin's monastery, Rin trains to perfect his control over his flames while Yukio forces himself to protect Rin. Yukio and the exorcists suspect Igor is the culprit, but after Rin frees his friends from the masked person's web, everyone gets surprise by the masked person's identity while Yukio meets someone who knows him.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D

Yukio swears that he will protect Rin
Yukio swears that he will protect Rin

Yukio remembers that Rin always make the dinner conversations as he and Rin run to the monastery to find webs clinging in the main room. They find their friends encased in web-like cocoons. On the wall, a sentence in Polish is inscribed on the wall. It states that Satan's kin must die. The exorcist explains that Rin and Yukio's friends use prayers to gain access to air for about 8 hours. If they are not free, they will die. Rin runs off to seek the masked person, but Yukio halts him. Rin gets angry as his blue flames erupt, and he pushes Yukio after Yukio swears that he will protect Rin.

Yukio finds Igor
Yukio finds Igor

In an alley, Rin encounters the masked person, and the person tells Rin that his friends will die before he will kill Rin. Yukio and Shura arrive, and the masked person leaves. Yukio tracks the suspect to a clock tower, and he finds Igor and suspects him due to a thread on his shoulder. Igor states that Yukio is wrong, but Yukio reasons that Igor wrote that sentence due to Igor's native language is Polish. When a gear stops, the clock tower collapses, and Igor escapes. Back at the dormitory, Shura talks about a lab that conducts research on artificial life that may have connection to Igor. Rin decides to stop Igor, yet Yukio stops him because Rin has no control over his demonic flames. As Yukio aims at Rin, he remembers the spots under his arm. When Rin moves, Yukio immediately fires a tranquilizer at Rin.

With Rin incapacitated, Yukio and the teachers proceed to hunt Igor with the help of a tracking device that Yukio shot at Igor earlier. Yukio and Hinokawa hear something and confront Igor. When Igor raises his hands up, Igor's hands bleed which summons hands that knock Hinokawa. Yukio chases after Igor who had disappeared. Suddenly, Yukio hears Hinokawa's scream, and he, Tsubaki, and the female teacher find Hinokawa encased in web.

Arthur: Mephisto, you're under a warrant
Arthur: Mephisto, you're under a warrant

Meanwhile, Rin struggles to get up, and he does not understand why Yukio did that. Shura explains that Yukio is worry about him and that Rin has no control over his flames. She sets the three candles and tells Rin to visualize these candles as his friends. At school, the masked intruder attacks Ryuji, Konekomaru, and Shima. After incapacitating Ryuji, the intruder's spiders scares Shima. Outside, Yukio gets inform about the intruder's request to let Satan's son enter or the hostages will get kill. Mephisto summons a flaming spell circle, but Arthur extinguishes the flames because he states that Mephisto is under the Vatican's warrant. Because the Vatican is suspicious about Mephisto's connection to the artificial life lab, Mephisto walks away while Arthur tells Yukio to stay out of the way.

Not heeding Arthur's orders, Yukio heads inside, and Tsubaki tells him to call his brother to help and wait for reinforcements. Yet, Yukio enters the premise and sneaks around to hear the intruder speaking about killing everyone close to Satan's son. The intruder uses Shima's cell phone to talk with Rin and informs Rin about losing his friend. Suddenly, Yukio rolls a holy water grenade, and he fires tranquilizers at the intruder. Somehow, the intruder binds Yukio with his/ or her web. Before the intruder starts using the web to kill the students, Rin barges through the window.

Igor's wife
Igor's wife

Shura and the other exorcists arrive, but the intruder's spiders' web entangles everyone except Rin. A flashback of Rin lighting both candles at each end successively appears. Rin uses his flames to melt the web in order to unsheathe his sword. He uses his blue flames to melt every web in the room. When the intruder charges at Rin, Rin knocks the intruder out of the room. Yukio wonders why he is unable to protect Rin. Outside, Shura discovers the intruder is a woman after the mask cracks off. Before Shura can act, Igor intervenes. Shura attacks and immobilizes Igor who states that person is his wife.

At the monastery, Rin reunites with his friends who wish Shiro is here to see Rin's improvement. When they wonder where Yukio is, an exorcist appears to Yukio and asks him to see someone.

Ernest Frederick Aegin
Ernest Frederick Aegin

After the credits, Yukio is on a train and meets a masked man who states he is Ernest Frederick Aegin. Ernest informs Yukio that he is his grandfather.

Closing Theme

"Wire Life" by Meisa Kurok

Points of Interest

  • This episode has two masks: Igor's wife and Ernest Frederick Aegin.
  • Rin has master control over his flames.
  • The mystery of the artificial life research lab has potential suspects related to it: Igor and Mephisto.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • This episode is not in the manga, but this is not a filler episode. The anime has taken a different path like the previous episodes
  • Anime Exclusive Events: Yukio meets his grandfather, Igor has a wife, and the artificial life research lab's mystery.

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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