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Blade of the immortal dvd volume 3 (uk) review Reviewed by gamebelongtous on June 17, 2011. gamebelongtous has written 13 reviews. His/her last review was for Mask of change. 24 out of 28 users recommend his reviews.

(This review covers episodes 10 - 13 )
So with the 3rd DVD release for blade of the immortal we find the immortal Manji still escorting the ever seeking vengeance Rin across Japan, to you know, seek vengeance.

The problem is that although the show has taken the premise of most samurai epics, samurai fighting each other for honour and good and all that, merged it with an interesting twist, Manji is immortal, the show doesn’t really do a whole lot. The biggest problem is sticking to the template of old too much, Even of old episodes. The leads meet another samurai, he or she happens to be connected to what happened to Rin’s parents they talk about things for a whole episode, Rin crys … again … and then the next episode they fight to the death.

All this might be good if the characters or cast were compelling but our two leads are barely of interest at all. Rin is the ultimate low point, playing both the wannabe warrior and the damsel in distress at the same time. Constantly breaking down no matter in what situation shes in. Buying some food, oh shes crying! Talking about killing a man, shes crying again! In the middle of a fight, well look at that crying!! If the girl cried any more she could supply water to a small town in Sussex!

Listen i get that shes a deeply effected character that’s going through a steep set of changes, but its not very well written or very compelling. It’s just made her annoying to be honest.

Her immortal companion Manji is no better, you’d think that his immortality would make him worth knowing but no. There’s barely a threat to his life because hey he’s immortal, no matter what fight he gets into he’ll be OK despite being quite a bad swordsman, there’s nothing to keep you involved. He’s hardly watchable outside of fights, lots of long quiet moans about how stupid people are and being a warrior, this could be bearable if it weren’t for the fact that there’s hardly anything apart from Rins self pity going on.

The shows pace is a killer, it’s like being on a road journey with your grandparents. In a car with a rusted engine. You go at a constant snails pace until maybe you get some excitement looking out of the window to see the worlds biggest shoe or you actually pick up speed going down a hill. Only for the car to break down again and to end up moving even slower then you were before.

Thankfully there is a small turning point in the last episode on the DVD – 13. Rin seems to finally reach a turning point, becoming more confident allowing for promise of a better final set of episodes. Also the external characters all start moving into place, getting ready for the last act in the play. Its such a big pitty that it took 13 episodes for that to happen.

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