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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (1995 - 49 Episodes)

The Gundam series of the After Colony timeline. Five Gundams are sent by colony rebels to Earth to stop the Earth Sphere Alliance and the OZ organization from oppressing the colonies.

1 - 1
The Shooting Star She Saw 少女が見た流星 (Shoujo ga kenta Ryuusei) 04/07/1995
1 - 2
The Gundam Deathscythe 死神と呼ばれるG (Shinigami to Yobareru G) 04/14/1995
1 - 3
Five Gundams Confirmed ガンダム5機確認 (Gandamu 5 ki kakunin) 04/21/1995
1 - 4
The Victorian Nightmare 悪夢のビクトリア (Akumu no Bikutoria) 04/28/1995
1 - 5
Relena's Secret リリーナの秘密 (Ririna no Himitsu) 05/05/1995
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