Masafumi Usui

Masafumi Usui is a anime/manga character in the Sket Dance franchise
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Masafumi is Switch (Kazuyoshi)'s younger brother whose nickname is Switch in the Sket Dance franchise.


Switch's childhood image
Switch's childhood image

Like Sawa, Masafumi has a happy past with his older brother, Kazuyoshi, and their childhood friend, Sawa. He is gifted in computer software which earns him the nickname, Switch.


Masafumi Usui, who is created by Kenta Shinohara, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Sket Dance volume 5 and episode 24. His Japanese voice actor for his present self is Tetsuya Kakihara and for his younger self, it is Kaoru Mizuhara.


Like Sawa, Masafumi Usui does not change.


Like the future Kazuyoshi, Masafumi has glasses (real ones) and his attire is similar.


He is a happy brother who takes pride in his older brother. Like Kazuyoshi, he protects Sawa to the very end.


  • With Kazuyoshi - They have a strong brotherly love.
  • With Sawa - They are good friends.

Story Arcs

Masafumi's speech software
Masafumi's speech software

In the morning, Masafumi calls his big brother to wake up for school, and at breakfast, Kazuyoshi asks Masafumi to check his computer. Later on when Sawa and Kazuyoshi are in the bedroom, Masafumi arrives to find Sawa and compliments her on how her uniform makes her cute. He reveals his new software program to Sawa and Kazuyoshi, and he demonstrates how the software can sound out words by typing the characters. Sawa embraces Masafumi's back and tells him that she might marry him. Masafumi smiles at his older brother and thanks Kazuyoshi for teaching him about computers.

The following day, Masafumi finds out that Sawa has a stalker after her when she brings the stalker's letter to Kazuyoshi and him. When Sawa thinks of calling the police, Masafumi states that the police cannot help unless someone is injured; he tells her to buy something to protect herself. Then Sawa thinks about buying a stun gun, but Masafumi suggests a device that makes a loud alarm is more useful than a stun gun. Sawa compliments Masafumi, and as she is about to leave with Kazuyoshi, Kazuyoshi tells Masafumi to go shop with Sawa. When Kazuyoshi refuses to go with them, Sawa leaves with disappointment. Masafumi glances at his brother and tells him that he does not like Kazuyoshi this way. He reminds his brother of their childhood picture.

Masafumi dies
Masafumi dies

In the city, Masafumi and Sawa get lost when finding the shop. Masafumi reminds Sawa that Kazuyoshi has always looked after them. When Yukino finds them, it begins to rain. Yukino mutters that Sawa is on a date with her boyfriend, and as she walks towards them, she tells Sawa that she has nothing because her ex boyfriend is only interested in Sawa. Yukino lunges to stab Sawa, but Masafumi takes Yukino's attack to protect Sawa. Masafumi dies from his wound. His body is taken to his family, and his mother grieves with his father and brother. His body lays to rest, but only Kazuyoshi attends because Sawa has to stay in bed due to the shock.

Rest in Peace, Masafumi Usui.

Powers and Abilities

Computer Whiz

Like Kazuyoshi, Masafumi created the speech software program. He's skilled at computer programming.

Other Media


Anime and Differences

Episode 25 and Volume 5: Chapter 42-44

  • Anime only scene: This scene occurs in the city when Masafumi reminds Sawa about how Kazuyoshi is always protecting them. Sawa and Masafumi got lost during the fireworks festival. In the manga, it does not occur, but the conversation is altered. Sawa states the man she likes does not know (she's referring to Kazuyoshi).

Death of Masafumi is altered

  • In the manga, Yukino yells at them that she will kill them, and Masafumi yells to Sawa to get away. Masafumi takes the knife and gets stabbed in the front of his body. When Kazuyoshi arrives, he finds his brother taken to the ambulance, the police calming Sawa, and Yukino getting arrested.
  • Whereas in the anime, Yukino never announces that she will kill Sawa and just attacks without warning. Masafumi is stabbed in the back of his body, and Kazuyoshi arrives to see Masafumi falling to the side. When the ambulance takes Masafumi’s body, Kazuyoshi attempts to get to Masafumi’s side, but he is stopped by the police.
Voiced by
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Tetsuya Kakihara
General Information Edit
Name: Masafumi Usui
Name: Usui Masafumi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Sket Dance #5
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #24
1st anime movie:
Aliases Usui-chi(笛吹っち)
Switch (スイッチ)
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