Marvelous Says: Please Preorder Our Games!

Topic started by gia on June 16, 2009. Last post by lanaswift 5 years, 9 months ago.
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Marvelous Entertainment, Inc.
, the Japanese company behind the Artland anime studio (Katekyou Hitman Reborn!, Gunglinger Girl -Il Teatrino-, Hakushaku to Yousei, etc), has reportedly come out whining-- about the lack of pre-orders for their games.

According to Canned Dogs:
“..They mentioned that games such as No more heroes, Rune Factory F, Oboromuramasa, Arc Rise Fantasia etc were all games that they have tried their best to make under very limited time and budget but all of these games have experienced similar shipment numbers, all of which are not very high. And he feels like crying.”

I'm sure you're shocked to hear that people in Japan aren't always willing to throw down a bunch of money on video games prior to getting extensive looks at gameplay, box art, and ideally a demo or in-store gameplay. Especially from hit-or-miss companies like Marvelous (sure, they do Harvest Moon, but they also did Lux-Pain and any number of mediocre licensed games).

The article reminded me, though, to check in on Marvelous Entertainment USA. Everything seems to be in order there, and I have to confess, Little King Story looks pretty cool-- you're the newly-crowned king of a number of highly individualized villagers, who you command to take over neighboring villages and seek treasure and stuff. All depicted in cute, vaguely anime-style art, kind of like Dokapon.

Huh. Maybe I WILL preorder it.
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The only game Ive played from them was No More Heroes, so thats good, dont know about this other stuff though

I dont know about  their involvement with the game but their logo was on it so yeah
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I have Muramasa on preorder, and I don't even own a Wii [yet]!
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Eh...looks cute, but maybe too cute.
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