Martyr Sasha

Martyr Sasha is an anime episode of The Qwaser of Stigmata that was released on 06/13/2010

Plot Summary

After the Golden Qwaser shatters the crystal supposedly containing Olja's body, Sasha gets pissed and starts wailing on him/her. However, his attacks have pretty much no effect as the Golden Qwaser taunts him. So Sasha grabs Tomo's boobs and begs her to wake up, which she does, but the Golden Qwaser turns into a big glowy spirit ball and lodges a gigantic golden spike through Sasha's chest, which is bad. However, thanks to a probably literal deus ex machina, Sasha is saved.

Everything seems alright up to the point where the spirit of the Golden Qwaser decides to possess Katja's copper puppet instead, and after a bit of acrobatic breast-sucking Sasha manages to regain the power to cut the Golden Qwaser and the puppet despite losing a shitton of blood I mean seriously that's probably enough to kill most people.

Eventually, they manage to send the Golden Qwaser into the tentacle-raping vortex as the icon closes. Friedrich Tanner escapes through a hole in the ground, leaving room for a potential second season (God help us all) while the rest of the cast are happy despite everything that's happened to them in the past several hours.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Original Concept The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.
Masamitsu Hidaka Storyboard


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