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Martian Successor Nadesico is an anime series in the Martian Successor Nadesico franchise
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Devil's Advocate Review #1 might bring some controversy. Reviewed by Dream on July 7, 2010. Dream has written 140 reviews. His/her last review was for Psycho-Pass 2. 298 out of 312 users recommend his reviews. 10 out of 11 users found this review helpful.
As promised from my Devil's Advocate poll, I went to rewatch Nadesico after my prior dropping of the series after the show's first two episodes and here to offer up my thoughts of the series. However as much as it pains for me to say this, the classic hype surrounding Nadesico is just not gold for me. The mix of parody comedy to the plot developments throughout Nadesico proved to be quite shaky for me as any attempts to feel anything for the plot and characters at many points in the series were abruptly ruined by the parodies of mecha and harem comedy anime. The harem element doesn't work as a good number of the girls who fall for Akito seem unconvincing with their feelings without any exploration or buildup of their characters making their ogling for the guy just an excuse for some forced laughs. The mecha anime-within-an-anime, Gekigingar, also brings about a good number of annoying characters obsessed with the show to press my buttons with (guess what faction worships the show for their society's very ideals) and I was thinking good riddance when a certain annoying mecha otaku gets killed off early in the series. But this doesn't stop Akito from continuing to obsess about the show and behaving like a certain First Child from Eva who has a habit of running away and angsting about his problems just like Akito (especially considering both characters are voiced by the same English dub actor).

There are some positives with the show which kept me from completely bombing it to the ground. There are points where the series does make Akito aware that his obsession with Gekigengar is really a form of escapism to escape the reality of war he wants no part of. The one interesting character in the series for me, Ruri-chan, gave me a chuckle from her never ending insults of the eccentricities of the older crew members she works with and unlike the other characters in the show, her background is fleshed out without going into comedy bits heavily as she figures out her origins in one episode and focus is given to her care for the Nadesico's AI in another. Plus, the series does sport good-looking character and scenery designs that look pleasing on the eyes for a 1990s TV anime title.

However, not even Ruri and pointing out Akito's flaws are enough for me to appreciate Nadesico as the comedy-drama mix just didn't mesh well for me. Plus unless you have a good grasp of knowing about mecha anime titles and cliches from before the mid-1990s, anyone who does have interest in the series may be lost in understanding the mecha anime cliches and titles that Nadesico pokes fun of. 
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