Martial Arts

Martial Arts is a anime/manga concept
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Seen in just about every form of anime at least at one point. The key component that makes Shounen popular among boys. As well as Ancient art in itself

Throughout both anime and manga there are many different styles of martial arts each possessing its own unique trait. As well as having its own unique motive for example Northern Shaolin is designed for offense, while Taekwondo is designed for defense. The following is a list of Martial Arts seen in both anime/manga they range from all over the globe.

Shaolin Shandong Black Tiger kung Fu

- A northern Chinese Martial Art that originated in the Shadong providence. Characterized by its extensive footwork, acrobatic kicks, low, wide stances and unique fist positions.
Five Ancestors- A southern Chinese Martial Art that is composed of techniques of five different styles: Crane, Monkey, Mantis, Tiger and Snake.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Martial Arts
Japanese Name: 武道
Romaji Name: budou
Aliases Hand to Hand Combat
Kung Fu
Goju Ryu
Tang Soo Do
Tai Chi
Tae Kwon Do
Jiu Jitsu
Muai Tai
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1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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